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  1. duewest

    Advice for CRNA School Interview

    my advice... be assertive, not aggressive be humble, not cocky be totally and brutally honest...If you don't know, SAY SO, but follow it up with how you would get the right info. don't be afraid to ask questions for more clarification on clinical issues...that's what we do in real life anyway....
  2. duewest

    I'm in!! How to prepare w/ < 4 mo. left??

    I'm in a front-loaded program. In hindsight, I would have spent my pre-program prep time studying organic chemistry. You will use it extensively in your pharmacology classes. That, more than anything would have made my life much easier... Jason
  3. duewest

    Brave, or just crazy?

    I'm doing it now...2 kids 4 and 6. I made the decision not to work at all, therefore my debt is a bit more, but it's worth it to be able to spend the time I need to with my kids. It will only be harder on them the older they get. I think sooner is better. Jason
  4. duewest

    Westminster in Salt Lake City

    icudoucme, Congratulations on Westminster, I'll see you there on Monday (21st) evening. Jason duewest@allwest.net
  5. duewest

    Anesthesia school in 2006

    Westminster (SLC, Utah) Fall '06
  6. Liz, I just faced that dilemma. I applied and was accepted at Westminster College in SLC, Utah. It's a first year program. My reasons for accepting were... -Westminster has been around for over a century. -All of thier undergrad/grad programs are highly respected and very competitive. -They already had a well developed APRN/MSN program. -Westminster is very well funded and has made a large investment (commitment) to the long term success of all of thier academic programs. -I felt very good about the program's plan that was presented at the interview. -I don't have to move my family. -I was accepted. My bottom line....All programs are required to teach certain criteria and meet certain clinical criteria. As SRNA's, we all have to pass the same boards and prove that we are clinically competent. One of a program's most valuable selling points is its student's board passing rate. There's no shortcut that you can take to pass the boards if you don't know your stuff. Westminster has a huge amout invested in the first (and subsequent) classes. Our performance directly reflects on the quality of thier program. So, I think that if a new program is well planned and has great support from the parent institution, the program and it's student's will suceed. Jason...just my .02 cents