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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. As usual there are nurses who take the time to thoughtfully apply the evidence-based research and those who mindlessly take risks with the lives of patients entrusted to their care. I have studied the literature and also will not use a port that doesn't allow blood aspiration for some of the reasons you mentioned. Thanks again, Vickie
  2. shelq56

    As a NP do you miss bedside care?

    Hello again, I wanted to mention that your being encouraged by the NNPs you work with is a huge vote of confidence in your ability, your style,your intelligence, and your personality. You must stand out in some positive ways or they wouldn't be encouraging you. I wish you the best in whatever you decide. Continuing your education won't be easy, but I bet you won't regret it. Vickie PS I will be 50yrs old when I graduate with my MSN in May and sit for FNP boards. I have loved the challange and look forward to the new opportunities that await. I'm a late bloomer!
  3. shelq56

    As a NP do you miss bedside care?

    Hi, I am a family nurse practitioner student. My advanced practice roles instructor, also an NNP, told us that as NPs we are indeed held to a higher standard and that it would be very difficult, if not impossible to function as a bedside nurse because of this. I am in Colorado in case that makes a difference. I will try to get some more info for you and re-post. Vickie
  4. I was talking to a colleague about whether or not she uses a central line port for meds if she is unable to aspirate blood. I must have grown an extra head. She looked at me like I was nuts. I was taught never to administer meds through a port that won't allow blood aspiration. Is there any literature that you know of that discusses this? What does your unit policy state? Doesn't the development of a fibrinous flap on the catheter tip cause this? and shouldn't the dr be notified so that patency can be properly re-established prior to use? Thanks for your thoughts, Shelq56
  5. shelq56

    Central Venous Lines

    Hello, I am doing an evidence-based research project for a course I'm taking this summer. Maybe I could help you out. All I need from you is a clinical problem that needs study. Got any ideas? Hopefully this could help both of us. shelq56