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  1. AngelCake67

    Welcome nurses from Massachusetts!

    Hi Mother/babyRN, Nice to finally hear of someone who works on the Cape!! I spent much of my childhood summers there, and love it so much. I am just starting my clinicals this fall, and will graduate in two years. At that time, i am really hoping to move to the Cape. I really wanted to work in a NICU, but i realize they dont have one on the cape. How does that work? Where do you work, and do you like it? Any info or thoughts or suggestions you have would be most welcome. Thanks!!
  2. AngelCake67

    NICU's on Cape Cod?

    Hi everyone. I am starting my clinicals in the Fall, and when i am done i am very interested in moving to the Cape. Does anyone know if either Cape Cod Hospital or Falmouth Hospital have NICU's?? That is really where i want to work, but i havent been able to determine if they have that out there? Thanks!!
  3. AngelCake67

    Thanks to all...I passed the NCLEX-RN!

    HI there.....CONGRATULATIONS. Your message stood out to me because of your age. I am 39, and am just returning to finish my clinicals....so by the time i graduate, i too will be 41!! i guess i feel like i am sooo old, and so wish i had gotten this done a long time ago. But, i have been surprised at how many older people are getting their nursing degrees. What area of nursing are you interested in? I am very much hoping to work in NICU. Was the exam as hard as you had expected it to be?? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks....
  4. Hi everyone. I just signed up, after enjoying reading bits and pieces from this forum for awhile. I am a nursing student currently. I began my education quite a few years ago, and am just now getting back to finishing. Not so young anymore, but very excited about doing it, and anxious to learn anything i can from all you experts!! I would like to work in a NICU setting. I just feel a strong pull to that type of nursing for whatever reasons. But, for now, i need to get through my clinicals!! Look forward to talking with everyone. Thanks.