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  1. iluvnursing625

    Nursing School Bloopers

    The other day at clinicals, all the other students were talking about the "green" women in one of the pt rooms. I was curious to what they were talking about and i asked one of my friends to come in there with me. i peeked around the corner and saw her dinner tray sitting there so i was going to go retrieve it and give me an excuse to pretty much stare at her. when i went in, i could not believe what i was seeing. she had stage III liver disease and her jaundice was soooo bad that it actually turned her green. on top of that, she thought it would be cute to dye her hair a bright red and wear orange lipstick!?!?!?!! needless to say, i walked right in, her eyes opened and were bright yellow and she looked at me. i couldnt help it, my jaw dropped and i turned right back out of that room forgetting the dinner tray. wasnt worth it to me. but anyway just wanted everyone to know that I have met the incredible hulk
  2. iluvnursing625

    Honest question needs honest anwser..

    well, penn valley does not drug test...suprise suprise, just as long as you have given yourself atlest 1 month without smoking it, then your urine should be negative for it. as far as a hair test, yeah right. that is way too expensive. one of my instructors work at truman hospital hill and she says in the last 30 yrs shes been a nurse, she has never once been drug tested. and statistically 45% of nurses have some type of drug dependency. whether it be pot or pills or whatever. so you would think that if we were drug tested ALL the time, the nursing shortage would be wayyyy worse than it already is. thats just my insight into all this. hope it helps.
  3. iluvnursing625

    I am 51 y/o, is it too late? (need honesty)

    coming from a 21 year nursing student, i have to tell you, i feel like the odd ball in the bunch!!! iam the youngest in my class! everyone in class is in there 30's, 40's, 50's, 1 man is even in his 60's!!! its great for me though because i feel like i have 50 mothers :). its never too late to fullfil your dreams and if you dont then you will regret it for the rest of your life. please go back to school. nothing keeps your soul younger like continuing your education and expanding your knowledge
  4. iluvnursing625

    Penn Valley

    Hi Lauren. Congrats on starting LPN school! Iam currently an LPN student in the day program at pen valley and graduate December 13! a little bit about the program. you have got to want it. this was the longest year of my life. class starts at 7 and ends at 4 mon and tues, and then clinicals from about 6:30-3 weds and thurs. I have to say though, that it is an amazing program with excellent instructors. you really get the whole bit. even though it was the hardest year of my life, it was also the funnest. you will meet friends for life in this class, and i honestly can say that iam really going to miss it. good luck with school.
  5. iluvnursing625

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    i was working as a student nurse and this huge lady was just admitted. there was a HORRIBLE stench coming from her room all down the hallway. myself, another student, and my instructor went in to insert her catheter. i was the one that had to hold her legs wide open... when we opened them her crotch was filled with SH*T. im talkin about all the way up her vagina and her urethra!!!!!!!! we went fishin for what seems like forever and went through like 3 catheter packages because everytime we went to insert it someway there would be crap all over it and have to start all over again. once we finally get her cleaned up and everything.. she decides to take another crap and just roll around in it.. not telling anyone.. it was so nasty
  6. iluvnursing625

    You Might Be A Nursing Student If......

    ohhhh my god!! i graduate in december and thats the best thing iv ever read!!! its so true.. im gonna print that out and give it to everyone in class. i know they will get a kick outta it! thanks!
  7. iluvnursing625

    Nurse and Police Officer

    i was wondering if their are any nurses who have a police officer for a husband and if when u travel is it easy or difficult for him to find a job?? please reply
  8. iluvnursing625

    CMA to LPN??

    8$ an hour!!!! wow.. see thats whats wrong with the whole medical field! CNA's and CMT's work their butts off... their the ones cleaning up the poop, and throwup, basically doin the dirty work and i know nurses do the same too.. sometimes... but not like them.. i encourage you to continue your education.. especially in the medical field.. things change all the time so its really important.
  9. iluvnursing625

    Got a question about Penn Valley????

    You can either do weekdays which is what i do and its mon-thurs from 7-4 and then i work on the weekends. then there is a night and evening weekend program but im not sure what the hours are like for the and i think its a 17 month program instead of 12. classes start twice a year, once in jan and once in august. i was the same way about getting my RN right off the bat... but i just didnt want to wait any longer... i look at it this way.. nursing is nursing.. u help people no matter what and it doesnt matter what way you take to get your RN.. just as long as u get it. and u might even get it faster doin it this way then waiting 3 years to get in the program. the only problem is theres a wait to get in the bridge program also... but a lot of girls are finishing their RN online at http://www.excelsior.edu ... which im all about!! good luck with your decison!!
  10. iluvnursing625

    someone... anyone... i need advise!!

    Iam in the day program so its mon-thurs from 7-4 and i work on the weekends. its a really great program. very tough though, we have lost quite a lot of people. can u tell me more information about Excelsior online?? im not quite sure how these online programs work?? where do u do your clinicals?? i live up north kinda by gladstone. some internet programs require u to be at the school some days.. is this one like that?? i got another response from a girl that said the same online program, so im definatly going to be looking into it.... thanks so much for the advise! have u taken your NCLEX yet??
  11. iluvnursing625

    RN in the Local News

    well of course they should. i think that nurse and all nurses should be proud of who they are and how much they help people. without nurses... the doctors are nothing. we deal with the patients on a day to day bases, the doctors just give us the orders and we put them in action. in my opinion .. nurses are just as important as doctors... if not more
  12. iluvnursing625

    CMA to LPN??

    hello from Missouri! iam currenty an LPN student due to graduate in Decemeber. you are so right about being CMT. its almost exactly what an LPN does only a few things that you are not able to do. i have not heard of a CMT to LPN Program. if you went through a CMT program.. most likely the classes you took will not transfer... thats how it is here anyway. the LPN program is just a year and you'll come out makin an average of 19$ an hour which im not sure how much you're makin but maybe its worth it.. hopes this info help you!!!! Jen
  13. iluvnursing625

    ASN vs BSN

    i heard that its about a dollar difference and the inly reason people get their BSN's is either they are wanting their masters or they would like to teach.. if you are just wanting to do patient contact.. i wouldnt suggest a BSN
  14. iluvnursing625

    bummed about available lpn positions

    its true.. u can mostly find LPNs at nursing homes.... what i recently found out though is that if you are an LPNII which is what ill be in Dec, alot of hemotology clinics hire LPNs and are always looking... im with ya on the whole nursing home thing though... good luck with everything!
  15. iluvnursing625

    Any Penn Valley grads and/or students?

    Iam currently an LPN student at penn valley. i dont think i could have waited that long! i got in really fast into the program. after i graduate in the Dec i will bridge over and get my RN. Penn valley is a great school so dont worry about it. everwhere i have done my clinicals.. they all say the penn valley students are the best! so thats a little encouraging. its a tough program though and u just gotta keep that nose in the book. our class started out with about 65 students and its now down to about 45. some people didnt make it and some people quit for personal reasons.. just remember to always put school first and you'll be fine!!! congrats and good luck to ya!!
  16. iluvnursing625

    someone... anyone... i need advise!!

    Iam currently in the LPN program at Penn Valley. i seriously applied last October and got in that Jan, so the wait was almost non existant! now, i want to go on and get my RN but i have heard that the RN program is a loooong wait. i dont want my prereqs to expire and have to start my hard work all over again... does anyone have any advise where to get my RN after i graduate in Dec.. either online or around the Kansas City Area??? any suggestions would be FANTASTIC! thanks