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  1. HardworkinRN

    So How Long Does the Misery Last?

    Hi- Yes I'm working for a large for-profit company at a very busy clinic. I'm several weeks in to the 10-12 week training that includes both classroom and floor work throughout. To be honest I didn't know much about the field before I started but wanted something new after several years of working as a nurse in another field. Now I find that I'm hating the technical aspects of the job and feel very overwhelmed by all the details and the heavy patient loads. The clinic is in compliance with patient-staff ratios but it seems borderline unsafe to me. Workers not getting breaks, lots of shortcuts, stressed out nurses, etc. My co-workers are nice for the most part and the manager seems like a decent guy but is mostly focused on the numbers. I'm thankful for any thoughts other dialysis nurses out there might have.
  2. HardworkinRN

    So How Long Does the Misery Last?

    Hi all- I need some advice. I recently took a job as a dialysis nurse and have been going through the training. I've been suprised by how much I'm not enjoying it. I don't really like any aspect of the job right now. I've seen other nurses post about how difficult the training is. I expected to be challenged but am feeling very overwhelmed and wondering if I'm just not cut out for this. I'm doing well with the coursework and am getting down the skills but am I suposed to be stressed out and hating it? Thanks in advance
  3. HardworkinRN

    pacify or orientate? Alzheimers...

    Lfransis, Congrats with your new job. It will be fun and challenging! I would also like to recommend you read some of Naomi Feil's work. One great book is called The Validation Breakthrough: Simple Techniques for Communicating with People with Alzheimer's Type Dementia. The techniques are great for all types of dementia. Reorienting a moderate to advanced dementia patient is often NOT therapeutic and can be counter productive. For example: the 83 y.o. woman who repeatedly asks where her husband is because she's forgotten he passed away 3 years ago. Reorienting her to this fact over and over again puts her through trauma and isn't going to help her remember in the long term. Of course you're always going to want to do some basic reorientation as it seems appropriate. However, Jesskanurse is incorrect in stating that it combats dementia. Working with moderate to advanced dementia patients is mostly going with the flow and helping them exist in their reality. "Theraputic Lying" or what ever you want to call it is not unethical and I don't think it further implants ideas. It is a well-supported method of working with dementia patients. Redirection will also be your friend when working with these folks and is often more apppropriate than reorientation but it will not rebuild short term memory.
  4. HardworkinRN

    Need some info please

    Thankyou Natkat.
  5. HardworkinRN

    Need some info please

    Could anyone tell me if Fresenius is a flexible company to work for re: hours and benefits? I'm considering a 40 hr/week, 8 hr shift position with a company that will soon be a Fresenius unit but they are not able to tell me much about Fresenius benefits, etc since the takeover is not yet complete. I would like to work 32 hrs/wk in the future. I've gone to the Fresenius web site but it tells me nothing. Thanks in advance.