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  1. 2csmom

    Moving to Az, thoughts on the market?

    On the BON site it has the application that is printable. Assuming you aren't from COMPACT state, I don't know what you do then . If you want a temporary license you fill out another form and they will mail you the fingerprint card. Seems simple...can take months though.
  2. I'm working on my MSNed right now. I'm thinking about applying for a post masters certificate fnp program (mouthful). I was thinking about doing this at GCU since this is where I'm doing my masters work. Any thoughts?
  3. 2csmom

    Grand Canyon University

    I went there for my bsn...only online. I have kids so this format worked the best for me. I loved that I only had 1 class every 5 weeks instead of 3-4 classes to juggle. It also really seemed to motor through since it changed every 5 weeks. I got really good at writing papers! I'm not sure how much I learned, but at least I have the letters behind my name!
  4. 2csmom


    I also agree, take your time and do it your way (the right way) I have seen it where you missed something and the one you counted off with turns on you!! Also if they keep trying to intimidate you...you need to tell your supervisor. Good luck!!
  5. I recently got a divorce and feel like I should come back to AZ. But I'm getting scared, I haven't lived there in 6 years and understand the job market is a lot different now. I have been a nurse for 4 years, so I feel like I have adequate experience. I have my BSN and working towards my MSN as we speak. I have endoscopy, med/surg/, and oncology experience. Anyone have any insight on the job market? I was told no one will even consider me until I have my license. So mailing out my application today. What is the going rate for RNs? Just feeling things out. Thanks in advance
  6. 2csmom

    FNP program at Grand Canyon University

    How was the interview process? I plan to apply after I complete my masters.