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  1. nsgstudent007

    Heparin Inj

    aside from the facts listed above, it has been my understanding that heparin injections are given in the abdomen to reduce bruising. giving the injection in the arm or various other sites used for subcutaneous injections are more susceptible to bumping into things, therefore causing bruising. (you hit your arms more than you would your abdomen, most often) in the case of an obese client with a distended abdomen, it has been recommended that the injection be given on the anterior aspects of the upper thigh. (for the same reason).
  2. nsgstudent007

    Lab Values

    I am having difficulty interpreting a few specfic lab values for the patient I will be caring for tomororw. The patient has presented with elevated Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, and Red Blood Cells. Looking at his current and past medical histroy the only reason for an increase in these values could be COPD. Just wondering why they would be elevated? My best guess would be a compensitory increases in RBC production related to chronic hypoxia secondary to COPD. Is this correct? I look forward to your help. Thanks!
  3. nsgstudent007

    Oxygen Delivery

    I am just wondering if anyone has any good links specific to oxygen delivery. I'm just a little confused at the percentages with each liter, the uses of different devices - venturi, non-rebreather, etc. Thank-you for your help.
  4. nsgstudent007

    Management for AMI patient

    I have always been taught to use the acronym M.O.N.A. for management of Acute Myocardial Infarctions. M- Morphine O- Oxygen N- Nitroglycerine A- Aspirin 80 mg for preventative anticoagulant effect.
  5. nsgstudent007


    Just wondering if anyone has ever seen a calculator than can attach to a stethoscope and if so, where to purchase it? Thanks, Scott
  6. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in answering a few questions that will assist me with the development of my term paper for OB. - Describe your thoughts and feelings when you learned you were going to be a mother (father). - As the months passed during your pregnancy, what were your expectations? What was positive in your experience? Negative? Challenges? Fears or concerns? - How would you describe your emotional health during this experience? Your mental health? How did you cope? Thanks! Scott
  7. nsgstudent007

    Nursing Diagnosis Help

    I am having trouble coming up with nursing diagnosis for a patient that is 1 week post-op from a by pass graft femoral femoral crossover. Thanks!
  8. nsgstudent007

    Pedal Pulse

    Just looking for some tips in regards to assessing the pedal pulse. I have a very difficult time finding it on pts. I normally have to use the doppler, but the nurse seems to get it everytime with out. Any suggestions?
  9. nsgstudent007

    First day of clinicals

    My first day of clinical went very well. I had 4 patients to care for (vitals, bed making, bathing, etc.) I also took out a foley and did a fleet enema. I also observed the insertion of a NG tube. The day went by fast and was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Good Luck!
  10. Looking for some insight into potential post- op complications of total knee arthroplasty. Any in put would be greatly appreciated. Scott
  11. nsgstudent007

    Wellness Dx.

    hello, i'm currently in my second semester of a four year 10 semester bscn program in canada. we are required to write a paper on an individual suffering from a health care deficit such as; smoking, exercise, nutrition etc. then we must apply penders hp model and prochaska transtheoretical model. anyways, my question to you is what would be an appropriate wellness dx. for a client that normally does not eat nutritious foods? thanks scott
  12. nsgstudent007

    does anybody know about nursing in Canada

    Hello, I'm not sure that I have the exact answer to your question, but I can definitely guide you in the right direction. You may find answers to your questions on the College or Nurses of Ontario website - www.cno.org or you can try the Registered Nursing Association of Ontario website - www.rnao.org As far as pay goes, RPN make just over $20.00 an hour and RN's make just over $30.00. Also if you are going to practice as an RN you must complete a four year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BScN) from an accredited university. Hope this helps!
  13. nsgstudent007

    Taking Blood Pressures

    I am having trouble finding the brachial artery when taking a blood pressure. Any tips? When I do find it, I find it difficult to hear with the stethoscope. Maybe i'm not sure what I'm looking to hear. Any suggestions?
  14. nsgstudent007

    Professionalism in Nursing

    Basically, As a student nurse, how would you display professionalism? On the lines of behaviour, actions, communication etc.
  15. nsgstudent007

    Nurses Make a Difference

    In what ways do you feel nurses can make a difference?
  16. nsgstudent007

    HELP!! scholarly articles & professionalism in nursing

    Try the Ovid nursing data base. I'm in the same predicament as you it seems.