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  1. an insprational one.... People we meet everyday comes by with a reason... and this reason teaches us and makes us a better person.. thanks for the story..
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    Our school doesn't... as far as i know.. that's UERM, try it there.. my batchmates went through masterals without any hosp experience.. :)
  4. mheng

    PNA membership ID/ Card

    THanks for the INfos... God Bless!
  5. mheng

    PNA membership ID/ Card

    Good day! My PNA membership card had expired and i was just wondering if anyone knows where i could get one. I tried to search over the net but was unsuccessful. Hope somebody can shed some light here. Thanks in advance! God Bless!
  6. mheng

    IV therapy training schedules

    Good Day! I was just wondering if anyone knows any contact number of ANSAP? I would like to ask their office if there's any ANSAP accredited IV training schedule due this month. I'm very eager to finish the training this month if possible. If anyone knows any training available near cavite, it would much be convenient for me. Kindly post any details.Thank you so much in advance!
  7. I agree. Their elevators are creepy .. When i processed my papers, i almost fainted! It's as worse as "markets" or "malls on 3 day sale". Corruption is everywhere....
  8. mheng

    What to do, what's next? Please help...

    they will be shouldering these expenses? the catch is... :)? warning:there are a lot of scams with agencies now a days. make sure that your agency is registered and licensed by POEA.. you can visit their site and check your agency's status. http://www.poea.gov.ph/cgi-bin/agSearch.asp
  9. sad but thanks suzanne... so its better for me to work here first before starting on my NCLEX application?
  10. true! i had 10 CVs sent to almost 5 hospitals near my place and it's been 2 months, nobody called... My parents are encouraging me to apply for an NCLEX examination already and start reviewing for it...