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  1. Oh Mary... Would you like to call me and listen to my story and type it for the contest hero you can type it I will share my winnings if I win, with you because I have a really good one I saved my mother's life a couple years ago I was her caretaker before I was this nurse. I will give you my phone number I works like to submit it tonight and get it over with. I'm never a writer. I get high anxiety and feel like I'm put on the spot LOL but this one I need to put it out there for the world to hear I'll be on the next 10 minutes and then I need to fold clothes and go to bed

    1. spark plug

      spark plug

      Ms. Mary, what you did for me today was very important to me that you deleted that because it brought up very terrible memories for me that I'm glad is the past. So I will talk text my hero moment for my mom, in panic mode and scary moment at my life. But after everything calm down then I was the hero. Okay.


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