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  1. LPN0608

    Holmes ADN acceptance letters for Fall 2011

    Just wanted to say good luck. I'll be graduating from this program in 9 days & 15 hrs!! I don't know how many they originally started with but it was probably 50 or 60 and we will graduate with 35 I think, 10 of those are LPNs that started this yr. I got to skip the 1st yr and started in 3rd semester. I highly suggest studying the book no matter what handouts or notes they give you. Clinicals are easy, the teachers really just look at it as a learning experience. Anyway Good luck again. You'll be so busy that time will fly by!
  2. LPN0608

    UMC jobs

    How was the interview?
  3. LPN0608

    Financial Aid help

    The win job center has funding. I think it's called WIA.
  4. I dressed my then 3yr old up as a nurse for Halloween last yr. White hose, dress, & nursing hat w/ a stethoscope around her neck. I said "you're a nurse like mommy" and she replied very loudly "NO, I'M A DOCTOR!!" She still answers that she's gonna be a dr. Of course, she also says her little sister is gonna be a "kitty cat" when she grows up(that was her costume). LOL:jester:
  5. LPN0608

    acceptance /decline HCC ADN ridgeland

    devine, I sent you an email.
  6. LPN0608

    acceptance /decline HCC ADN ridgeland

    Did you apply to the Ridgeland or Grenada campus?
  7. Anybody waiting on acceptance/decline letters for Holmes CC in Ridgeland? Also would love to know the schedule for the 2nd yr students.
  8. LPN0608

    lpn to rn bridge Holmes cc

    Has anyone gone through the lpn bridge on the ridgeland campus? What are the hours? Where are clinicals done? Any information would be great.
  9. So I've been reading the posts here(found the info in Lunahs esp helpful) and decided this week to get my butt in gear!! I ordered mystudygroup101 notes and applied online today. Any one else here just starting out?
  10. LPN0608

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

    Please do not bring your 3 small kids under 5 to your pelvic exam and expect the nurse to babysit for you!!
  11. LPN0608


    Just started with excelsior and wondering if there were any other excelsior students from MS here? If so where do you test at?
  12. LPN0608

    hinds night/weekend LPN-RN

    Just wondering if anyone has any info or has done this program?
  13. LPN0608

    Heritage House?

    Any body know anything about Heritage House, I see there's an ad in the paper. Or know of any other LTC facilites hiring LPNs around brandon/ jackson area?:confused:
  14. LPN0608

    medical programs (cna)

    I'm not sure how helpful this will be but you could check with your local Win job center. They have a training program that pays for books and tuition. I know they pay for LPN school. Just 1 year, no pre reqs, and most hospitals will give ya a scholarship too.