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  1. AZ heart hospital

    I also applied at Mercy Gilbert Med. Center for an ICU position so hopefully they'll get back to me too. We were thinking the Mesa (Superstition Springs/Augusta Ranch) area, because my in-laws are in that area and can help out with daycare :) I can...
  2. AZ heart hospital

    Please help :) I was offered a position at AZ heart hospital. 12-hour nights, and everything sounds great. However, I was sorta hoping for a position at Banner Desert, because we plan on living in Mesa. Is the commute going to be crazy from Mesa...
  3. Banner Good Sam. Anyone?

    Has anyone traveled to Banner Good Sam. in Phoenix AZ? I just got an offer from them in their CCU dept. It looks good on paper and it's a magnet hospital, but would appreciate any feedback. Thanks. The offer was through Medical Express.
  4. Sign of Bonus/Relocation allowance?

    That would be great :)
  5. Night Shift

    One Tylenol PM, Black Felt from walmart secured with velcrow (sp) tape over, fan on = No trouble sleeping
  6. New ACLS guideline practice test?

    Anyone know where I can get a practice test online for ACLS with the new guidelines? Thanks :)
  7. Moving, need help please

    I'm looking at Banner Baywood in Mesa/Chandler Regional/Mercy Gilbert. I just read an article yesterday that they are widening and adding additional lanes, but it will take like 3 years to completely. They are also hiring a sheriff and some deputie...
  8. Insurance and traveling

    Both agencies I've talked to offer free insurance to the employee only.
  9. Sign of Bonus/Relocation allowance?

    Anyone know of any network that offers either one of these, and if so which one. I'm trying to decide if it would be better to go with a travel agency and free housing vs. a sign on/relocation package with a network. I've lookied at CHW online and B...
  10. Titrating drugs: dosages or CC's

    We never titrate by ml/hr, but by the drug dose.
  11. Any of you living in Arizona??

    Do you live in one of the compact states? If so you can practice in AZ with your compact state license.
  12. Travel Nurse Question

    ugh... this is all so confusing. We currently live in Indiana, and would be traveling to Phoenix. We wanted to sell our home here though in order to travel, because I don't want to have to worry about maintenance etc from half way across the countr...
  13. Moving, need help please

    Yaoo map says it's a 23min. commute is that accurate??
  14. Travel Nurse Question

    You don't get in trouble (IRS) if you just take the free housing, not the stipen right?
  15. Moving, need help please

    Thanks :)