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    Does Anyone Use Student Loan $ For Childcare?

    Yep, that is the only way we can afford it! I hate that we will be racking up higher debt, but we were uneligble for help through student services so it was our only option.
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    So, I bought a pocket PC....now I need help!

    I too have a Hp Ipaq though it is an older model that I got second hand from a friend. I have loaded free software from Skyscape as well as Epocrates (didn't know about the Merck site so I'll be checking that out). Just wanted to say to check out the publisher sites for your books--I was able to download my medical dictionary and drug book also.
  3. collegebound

    PDA questions

    Well for software, look at Skyscape.com and Epocrates.com both have some free software that is great. On some of my books, I ordered with accompaning PDA software (my med dict. and drug guide) and I plan on purchasing a med abbreviation software, a NCLEX review, RN Notes, and maybe a care plan software. I haven't started school yet so I don't know how truly useful the free software is, but I am sure it will be very handy--it includes dosage calculations, drug interactions, conversions, etc. I can't wait to have all that at my fingertips when I start clinicals!!! Be sure you get a memory card if your PDA doesn't have a lot of memory--these programs are pretty large! My PDA, an "old" HP, had only 25MB of storage. I now have a 1GB SD card, with plenty of room to spare. My PDA is an older model not equiped with Wi-Fi or recording capabilities or a bunch of other stuff to be had on newer models but it will do everything I need it for! Good luck on your search!
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    Brand spankin' new nursing clinical student!

    Good Luck, it will be tough but we can all do it! I have just been through orientation as well, and while we did hear how hard it is and time consuming, our instructors offered us lots of support. So while I heard, hang a picture of yourself on the fridge so the family will see you now and again, I also got numbers to reach our instructors ANYtime--not that I would ever call at 3am, but they said we could! So, again, best of luck and I hope your instructors will become a little more encouraging!
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    Terrified to start school!

    No advice, only that you are not alone!!! I start Tuesday and I am a jumbled ball of just about every emotion known. We have had orientation the past two days, and it was a major information overload! Good luck to you!
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    School uniforms.. ugh..

    We have to have black scrubs with ALL white shoes--absolutely no color anywhere! They are a brand called GelScrubs and are very soft and comfy. I can't wait to actually start wearing them!
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    It is different at every school. A pre-req at one school may not be needed at all at another (my school does not require patho), others are pre-reqs to RN programs while some you just have to complete before graduation.
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    Who starts in January?

    January 16th for me too!! Actually CPR class is Jan. 3rd, with orientation on the 10th and 11th, then classes start!! I am so excited and so scared all at the same time. I wish everyone the best!
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    Binder or notebooks?

    I am a binder girl myself. I have a hard time with notebooks as the spirals get in the way when I am trying to write (when I get to that side!). Plus, like others, most of my notes have been given in powerpoint so they can be kept neatly in a binder. I had read before about debinding the books and I really think I will be trying that. It sounds like it would work out great. I just have to get over that little voice in my head that is scared of "defacing" a book. The bookworm in me shudders at the thought!
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    Book lists

    :uhoh21: OMG! We got our booklists today and we are required to buy fourteen books and are recommended to buy three others. What a fortune! Just curious--what does everyone elses booklists look like?
  11. collegebound

    very discourage, what should i do at this point?

    My advice would be to retake the classes until you are able to get a competitive GPA. I would under no circumstances take an "easier" class at another school. Nursing school is extremely hard. Taking the "easier" road now will only make it that much harder when you are excepted to a RN program. Take this time, while you are retaking these classes, to adjust your study methods and look for new studying techniques. It will help you in the long run. Don't give up and best wishes!!!
  12. collegebound

    As a Nurse, what gives you the willies?

    I don't start NS till next month but I already know mine will be vomit. To just see someone gagging starts me gagging as well. And the smell ... well I won't go on.
  13. collegebound

    Human Growth and Development Spring 2007

    I loved this class. I found it to be very easy but I also found it very interesting. I have two small kids at home so it was fun to try and relate what I was learning to them. I took it online and we had small weekly discussions to post and the tests and that was it. Not too time consuming. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!
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    Study Guide for the NET

    I agree with Jezziemis. It is best to do some run-through practice tests. Everyone at my school that has taken the NET had far more trouble with the reading than the math. The math that was on ours was really basic--percentages, fractions, decimals, etc. I purchased a NET study guide book which had 3 practice tests--I improved speed and accuracy with each one I took. The math portion in my study guide was way more advanced than what was on my actual test. So talk to someone who has taken your version or talk to your advisor to see if there is any upper level math on it. So my advice--brush up on basic math skills, and take as many practice reading tests as you can! Good luck!
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    Post here if you are done with finals!

    Done-Done-Done!!! Just finished up A&PII and Intro to Psych, with A's in both! Next semester I'll start nursing school (Jan 16) so I am going to relax and try to get some stuff done around the house for the next few weeks!
  16. collegebound

    A&P II Club! Come on in!

    Good luck to everyone next semester. You guys were a great support net and am so thankful to have found ya'll. For those that haven't applied or made it in yet--I know you can do it!! For those that have--best wishes!
  17. collegebound

    A&P II Club! Come on in!

    Made an 93 on the final and an A in the class!! :monkeydance:
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    Nurses Helping Nurses Quit Smoking

    I am very glad to hear ya'll are back on the same page! Chantix (varenicline) is relatively new but I am not sure when it came out. They do have a website if anyone wants to check it out. It is Chantix I believe. I have tried to quit several times in the past. I have done cold turkey, the patch, Wellbutrin and was never completly "cured." I hope this will be my time!!
  19. collegebound

    Nurses Helping Nurses Quit Smoking

    It has been 2.5 weeks for me. I have been taking the new prescription drug Chantix. Of all the times I have tried in the past, this is the first time I have not had any cravings!! I love it. I do on occasion think about smoking but it is just a fleeting thought. I am confident that is the time for me to kick the habit for good! Just a by-the by--I can't figure out what zoeboboey said that angered Miracles1986 so much. If either of you happen to read this, I reread both several times and can't find anything offensive. Perhaps there was a misread/misunderstanding. This is definetely a support forum and we do appreciate everyone's input!
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    When Is Everyone's Finals/Last Day Of Semester?

    I'm DONE!!! My last class was Thursday the 7th. I have done nothing this weekend but play video games and lay around. It has been wonderful! But reality check, the house is still a mess and everyone needs some clean clothes. Guess that means I'll have to get back to work around the house. Good luck on finals to everyone studying!!!
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    When I graduate I am going to.....

    I plan to: 1. Take the family back to DisneyWorld (if my youngest is 40 inches by then!) 2. Gut and remodel my crappy, outdated kitchen and then move my master closet and gut and expand my crappy, outdated, tiny master bath! (My DH and I are self-proclaimed Do-it-ourself-ers!) 3. Hire a housekeeper 4. Get my hubby into a newer truck
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    Book lists

    I recommend going to Best Buy, Circuit City, or a local office supply store (Office Max/Depot) and playing with them. It will be the best way for you to discover what you will be comfortable with! When I purchased my books recently, I ordered the pda software with some of them. It will be nice not to have to lug those books around as much!
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    NET Advice

    I also bought a study guide and it helped me. It seems like everyone I talk to had more trouble on the reading than the math. So get a guide and take the practice tests. (Mine had three practice tests and I got better with each one) Good Luck!
  24. collegebound

    Book lists

    I am not sure--maybe different first semester classes? I truly wish we had fewer books as the thought of the work load that it implies scares the mess out of me! As most of ours were required to be new, I ended up buying at Barnes & Noble. Bought five directly today at about $250, and order another 10 for about $550. Just an FYI, as I got over my shock and looked a little closer, two of ours are workbooks (critical thinking help-books), one is an interactive tutorial CD, and of course the med. dictionary and drug book that will get me through for awhile.
  25. I know exactly what you mean. I had her evaled by our school with no results. She scored in acceptable ranges on everything. But as a parent, I just knew something was off. I talked to our pedi who finally referred us to an OT (outside of the school system) and voila, we got results! Thanks for sharing--I know it can be difficult sometimes to talk about our kids issues and felt a tad guilty for prying but I sensed some of the same angst I had felt. I truly wish for the best for both of you! Also, I really liked the idea of "the more interuptions, the more it cuts into your time" technique. I am gonna have to try to be more aware of set time limits for all of us--thank goodness some of have some common sense--I could kick myself for not thinking of that one myself!

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