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  1. jahra

    Nursing as a Business?

    If its advertised as a colonic cleanse you can charge extra as a spa treatment.... That's business!
  2. jahra

    Please Help..

    Congratulations on your new job! Since I have been out of school nursing for a while, I'll defer to those nurses with current experience... You might want to look at the National Association of School nurses, lots of good info there that may help to get started... http://www.nasn.org/ For example-- http://www.sde.ct.gov/sde/lib/sde/PDF/deps/student/health/Nursing_Competencies_Checklist.pdf
  3. jahra

    Time to call a duck a duck, part II

    Having seen an epidemic of flu arrive to our area from a group of visitors to the town (verified by the State Public Health),and the resulting spread of the flu from my point of view, a nurse who administers immunizations is practicing nursing. Preventing the spread of disease by educating and administering immunizations is a nursing practice. I can tell you, the individuals affected were without immunization and very ill. Many business and schools closed down. You can rest assured all of us caring for adolescents inpatient with this flu epidemic were practicing nursing ..............
  4. jahra

    What's Your Stress Reliever?

    What kind of cookies? Do they contain chocolate??????
  5. jahra

    Daily workout check in

    The above quote copyrighted by DaveyDo is my new exercise mantra. I will not let a chronic ankle injury defeat me. You're just a kid at 54! Keep moving and update us prn.
  6. jahra

    Help! Scared is that a bad sign for a new job?

    Sounds like a nice job, congratulations! Run do not walk away from the hospital setting. Give them your notice and work the 2 wks. Staff and the hospital management will adjust. Don't make the mistake many of us did and stay in a job too long because we felt it would be unfair to others. Don't worry, be happy. From your post it looks like you have given above and beyond in ortho on nocs. Take care, and do something nice for yourself before the next job starts.... Best wishes!
  7. jahra

    What's Your Stress Reliever?

    Check out Real Hula for authentic hula lessons. Very well done!
  8. jahra

    What's Your Stress Reliever?

    Flowerpower, I just added Hot Hula to my collection from Anna Rita Sloss. I can't wait to try it!
  9. jahra

    First nurse nominated as Army surgeon general

    She is more than qualified as is, it is great to see a nurse with this level of experience nominated.
  10. jahra

    What do I need?

    See if you can get experience in a busy Pedi practice. It will give you good experience,and skill acquisition along with the spectrum of health care for kids/adolescents. Its fast paced and will get you up to speed on what to expect. When you are the school nurse, you will be often referring students out to their MDs. In a school setting you often work alone, as opposed to a doctors office, but your nurse peers at other schools are a resource for you. Lots of school nurses cover more than one school in the course of the day- ie middle school and elementary so you need to interact with many age groups. Check to see if your state requires a school nurse certification (a state certificate as opposed to professional one.) If so, start the courses. See if you can shadow a few school nurses in your area for the specific skills and requirements. Good luck and keep us posted...
  11. Hi George, Here is another angle. What about Physician's Assistant? There are bridge programs for PA to MD. You could work as a PA before going to medical school and it would be a backup plan close to your interests. In our area, MDs seem to be favoring PA over NPs. PA schools are difficult to get in as well. Looks like you may need to see if you can shadow some of the jobs in fields you are interested in to get a sense of what your heart really wants to do. All of these programs take lots of time,energy and dollars so you need to be certain that whatever program you decide you stick with it until you finish the degree. You are smart to have a backup plan, the current economy is a challenge and opportunities are shifting in ways we have never seen before... Good luck and keep us post! Sounds like whatever path you chose, it will be an interesting journey!
  12. jahra

    Daily workout check in

    Sunny, How do you like that workout? Do you have Tony's 10 minute trainer as well? I have been thinking of getting 10 minute trainer, but would love to get some reviews first.
  13. jahra

    Daily workout check in

    Still cold and rainy here. New pilates dvd, so did 50 minutes of pilates and 40 minutes of ballet barre.
  14. jahra

    What's Your Stress Reliever?

    Horseback riding and dance. I love going on a trail ride in the morning, takes any stress right away. Love dance classes, dance is great exercise and I love learning new dance routines.
  15. jahra

    Donations of Sunscreen--how to get some...

    Find out who the Mary Kay district manager is in your area. Maybe some of the reps would be willing donate sunscreen. Great suggestions above. Do not get discouraged, many companies stopped donations when the economy took a down turn... and I just sent you a pm!