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  1. what nursing shoes r best?

    for those who are on their feet over 10hrs/qd, which nursing shoes do you find work the best, most comfy, and allow the "dogs" to remain pain free aft the shift?
  2. NCLEX this week!! Help!!

    remember this: abcsfp this means air, breath, circ, safe,fluid,pain in that order will help you choose the right ans.
  3. I passed! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

    good 4 u MS. RN
  4. Poll for those who have already taken NCLEX..

    1. how many questions did you take on nclex? 75 2. what study materials did you use? did you take a test review course? used kaplan, davis, saunders, mosby, lippencott. 3. did your son offer any testing (eri, ati, hesi)? no i did not take the offer...
  5. determining priority

    Heres how I broke it down: ABCSFP air, breath, circ, safe, fluids, pain.....
  6. People Who Passed Nclex: Please Post Study Book

    I used Kaplan, saunders, davis, lippincott, mosby, and the alt. format question book
  7. 3x not a charm

    don't get too worried I took my test yesterday in the early am, and my results were not posted until 4pm today!!!!!! Im sure you'll be fine
  8. Omg...i Passed!

    doing a jig with you to celebrate:monkeydance: good 4 u
  9. Practice questions

    about 300 per day for 1 month! and i just found out I passed
  10. well no news is not good news

    I passed i passed i passed yes yes yes i'm even active!!(giddy)
  11. update...................

    i just found out that i did pass:monkeydance:, ohio had a problem with the website too many entries on one day! the reason i know this is i actually called the bon (lol):balloons: i then went onto the website later the puff there it was, and it says...
  12. well no news is not good news

    Well its been close to 26 hrs that Ive been waiting here in Ohio (we have quick results) and Ive checked many times the BON and guess what it still says pending!!!! meaning I fluncked this test! which sucks the big one, now I have to do it over in ...
  13. Yeah!!!!!!!

    good 4 u!
  14. tic toc tic toc

    not yet freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I took it yesterday,freaking out!!!!

    I know how u r feeling right now, I am in the same boat as u, hang in there