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Hospital Education Coordinator and adjunct nursing

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    Patient Education - is it a legal requirement?

    patient education is a requirement in Texas. Go to their website (Welcome to the Texas Board of Nursing Website) and search for delegation. There is a rule on what CANNOT be delegated to unlicensed personnel. I take that to mean it must be done by the licensed nurse.
  2. classicdame

    Pay grade: experienced nurse vs new grad

    I believe HR is scared of lawsuits so are wary of what they say. I have learned not to expect an annual raise and to do what is needed to get high on the payscale or seek employment elsewhere.
  3. classicdame

    Pay grade: experienced nurse vs new grad

    there is a lot behind this practice. For one thing, the facility may have how to raise entry level pay to attract new nurses and maintain staffing levels. I would ask HR if there is a guide they use and where you are on that matrix. If you are lower than most nurses with your education and experience, ask how you can improve the pay. If not satisfied you may have to look elsewhere, transfer, learn how to use the system (per diems, bonuses, etc) or suck it up. Good luck
  4. classicdame

    I need help with wording on an application

    I would not mention it at all. If there are legal implications, just deal with those as they come. Otherwise, the reason you want to leave is for "better growth opportunities". Sounds as good as the reasons employers give for needing to fill a spot.
  5. classicdame

    Why so many 3-11 jobs at nursing homes?

    used to hate those hours in hospital as many direct admits. There must be some task, such as getting people hs meds and then to bed, that make that shift not desirable in LTC
  6. do you realize that you are still liable as a nurse even if acting or working as EMS?
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    Oxygen administration with COPD patients

    I recommend the DON arrange for an in-service from a respiratory therapist. I do this for new nurse orientation in our hospital. It is very enlightening!
  8. classicdame

    Calling in treats for unit when home sick?

    as a manager I would wonder if you are well enough to order the treats are you sick enough to stay home
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    you will have to look at articles on terminal illnesses in general. Don't forget to look at periodicals intended for occupational and physical therapists or even social workers and psycholology
  10. classicdame

    Nursing as a Career

    I worked full time for a surgeon as a tech while getting my ADN and then as an RN while getting my BSN and MSN. You have to be really focused and willing to give up some free time for a while. As for support, I had none but my kids were grown so I did not have that challenge. The work is hard but can be lessened with team work and appropriate equipment. If you have access to a physical therapist at work I recommend asking for demonstrations on moving people. Good luck in your career
  11. classicdame

    Are %100 online BLS certifications legit?

    there are no short cuts to doing the right thing
  12. classicdame

    how to improve test-taking skills

    there are resources for testing strategies and anxiety. A few I have used are: Stressed Over Studying | Topics | Counseling Services | Kansas State University Khan Academy Simple free learning tools for students and teachers | Quizlet Kaplan has books on test taking strategies, but there are others.
  13. classicdame

    Friends. 😤

    don't waste your energy trying to explain. they have no clue. And they won't be there when you take NCLEX
  14. classicdame

    Kaplan QTrainer and Qbank Scores

    I guess your best info will come from Kaplan, as they are the ones to interpret the results. I recommend you look at the website for information to the candidate on how to prepare. www.ncsbn.org/2013_NCLEX_RN_Detailed_Test_Plan_Candidate.pdf Can't see it in this text box but there are no spaces between words, just underscores.
  15. classicdame

    question about age

    many hospital nursing directors do not see LTC experience relating to acute care experience. I doubt your age has anything to do with it as most nurses are baby boomers still. I do not have an answer unless you talk to someone in HR and ask what it is they are looking for in a candidate.
  16. classicdame

    Help reading x-rays

    remember, your interpretation cannot be used for planning care. It would be for your information only.
  17. classicdame

    Time To Start That Final Trip To The Locker Room?

    Today is my last official work day. I am retiring. But of course nurses never retire, so I have agreed to work prn. Anyway, I knew it was time and decided to leave while I had the health to enjoy retirement. I am really excited about the possibility of new opportunities and the fact they will be of my own choosing.
  18. classicdame

    Top Issues with Your EMR

    We use HMS. I know the Informatics team and know that they have input on various modules. Nurses complain to me (Educator) they spend more time "nursing" the computer than the patient. To give/not give flu vaccine requires TWENTY steps. Thinking is that documentation is more impt than caring for patient. Who has time for that? Do we really want nurses to focus on something other than excellent care?
  19. classicdame

    Nursing Books

    I would not recommend buying lots of books that are not required. You will not be able to read them all anyway. YOu will end up reading your REQUIRED books over and over. Generally, the instructor hands out a recommended list but even then I would only purchase something that is unique and I think would be a good reference my entire nusing school career. Don't forget that you can go to the Library and copy pages of books you do not own. Cheaper than buying a bunch of books!
  20. classicdame

    Professor made me cry...on the inside

    Honey, patients and families and co-workers will hurt your feelings too. Just bear in mind you will interact with this person only a short while. In other words, get over it. You have a brilliant career ahead and you are not going to let that person ruin your goals
  21. classicdame

    Central line dressing days

    checked daily, changed weekly and each nurse is responsible for own patient
  22. classicdame

    Students who get As are bad bedside nurses

    Does that mean "good" bedside nurses are dummies?
  23. Interrupting your sleep is a waste of time. The information is not retained and you are stressing out your body. Set aside a time of day when you will focus solely on studying - no phone interruptions or any other kind!
  24. classicdame

    I am afraid of Anatomy and Physiology

    if you are only wanting to do easy things then nursing may not be for you. After all, nursing is about caring for the body. Yes, A&P can be hard, but remember, you will have an instructor teaching you and you will have the chance to ask questions and learn form various resources as already mentioned. The trick is focusing. Something that helped me was to buy the "Gray"s Anatomy Coloring Book". Could be in your bookstore. You will be able to color in various things you are learning. This reinforces what you learn.
  25. classicdame

    Other student needs too much help

    she is too dependent and eating in to your study time. The purpose of school is to weed out who can and cannot do the job after graduation. She will never be able to keep up at work. I recommend you tell her your time is limited and she should find a tutor to pay for their time. You are being nice, but if she is not progressing then you are enabling her to depend on others. Face it, she may not be able to pass the program if she cannot do the work.