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  1. Stand At Attention!!

    As I am your same age, I am so glad I was not ready to grab nursing school by the bootstrings at that age. I never would have lasted. I am surprised I even lasted in my late twenties/thirties as I had a miltary taught instructor as well. Many of fe...
  2. Sick of the floor....

    I agree with another poster. Find another place within the hospital that you work, I understand your desire to speak with patients as well. It appears as though you may experience enough to explore your own options. Do not get yourself burned out b...
  3. 2 AM Admission

    I think the genius that cam up with the idea of the 12-lead desrves a pat on the back as you do too. At least he wasn't detoxing this poor little fellow, yet anyways:yeah:
  4. Can I hear some positive things about nursing school?

    Nursing school is a great time to challenge yourself and take pride in each and every little accomplishment. Study hard and be proud of every milestone. As an older adult take advantage of any learning resources available to you such as help with ma...