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  1. WBI

    Anyone out there work at Wyoming Behaviorial Institute? How do you like it?
  2. Anyone else regret this?

    I seriously regret getting my BSN. Why you may ask.... a. I am now 65000 in debt. b. I dont get paid more. c. People still treat me like a pion as if I am a fast food worker. d. I'm still doing bedside nursing anyway. Anyone else feel like it was a w...
  3. Anyone else regret this?

    I guess not .
  4. What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    Nurses that treat you like a new nurse, just because you are new to the facility. Errrg!
  5. PCU orientation..enough?

    I don't think it is enough. Especially if you are taking care of open heart surgery patients.
  6. Why are nurses so mean?

    I'm really tired of going to work everyday expecting someone to at least try to run all over me, then when I defend myself, I have an attitude problem. Why do nurses do this? I'm sick of always being on the defensive. Can I at least relax when I go...
  7. Crappy Maternity leave!

    Sounds like where I used to work...I'm at a great place now!
  8. Nursing Jewelry

    Do you guys think RN or BSN, MSN jewelry is corny? I bought a BSN necklace and now I'm embarassed. What do you guys think? My job doesn't put the credentials on the badge, stating that if they start, people will want to change their badges everyt...
  9. Nursing Jewelry

  10. Nursing Jewelry

    BSN etc...
  11. 2nd prolapsed cord in the past few months!

    What a nightmare! I was 5cm when my membranes were ruptured...but it turned out good b/c my little one had meconium...thank God he didn't swallow any. I wonder how long he was in there like that?
  12. Employment Outlook

    Statewide...starting is about 24.00/hr:nurse:
  13. How do you get a chance in the OR?

    Just apply, no?? They are always short.
  14. Employment Outlook

    You will have no problem finding a may even get offered a sign on bonus.
  15. Student loans.... what a nightmare...not looking forward to start paying back.
  16. Can I get it back?

    thank you for this post. are you available for therapy? jk:)
  17. Can I get it back?

    So the last time I worked as s nurse was in January. I was fired from my last job as a result of a difficult pregnancy. ( missed days, some mistakes made). I just had my baby, and can go back to work soon. However, I don't even feel like a nurse an...
  18. curious as to how many facilities do this...and how does it affect you as a professional?
  19. What was the lowest diastolic bp you have seen?

    love this thread!
  20. New graduate moving to colorado please help!

    please update us on your final decision.
  21. The Worst Its Ever Been

    you don't want that kind of busy....that kind of busy will land you in front of the bon defending your license. windyhill rn, bsn
  22. The Worst Its Ever Been

    #12...a good thing. let them start taking wellbutrin too! windyhill rn, bsn
  23. What would you ask your hospital administrator to change?

    Stop treating me like I have super powers and can take 6 pts at a time, on a high acuity floor.
  24. Possible move to Atlanta

    It's not the best but...I bet you could get a job at Grady.
  25. Atlanta hiring new grads

    No jobs in Maryland either??