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  1. bumblebeegaga

    Psych nurse practitioner

    yes, I am working for a 160 bed mental health hospital....you'd think I would be able to find a NP job here, quite contrarily, no NPs are working at the hospital!
  2. bumblebeegaga

    Psych nurse practitioner

    I just got accepted into a psych nurse practitioner program....However, I now have a second thought on accepting it after talking to a couple of PA and MD. I was told that unless I have some sort of inside track, it would be very hard for me to find a job in the mental health field as a NP. I work in the state of South Dakota and wonders if there's a higher demand in the either coasts? I have not even come close to pay off my BSN student loan and really hesitate to pile more debt especially in this economy. Any insights would be appreciated.
  3. bumblebeegaga

    FBI fingerprints

    To respond to rlyne59, Hi I eventually got the fingerprints results back after 2 and a half weeks. Just keep calling your state board for updates....that's all I can advise you for now. Good Luck.
  4. bumblebeegaga

    How long did it take to get comfortable working in NICU

    Hi NICUnewbie2, Our NICU set up is each baby (Level I, II & III) has a private room which can accommodate both parents if they choose to room in. I usually feel okay if all of my 3 patients are feeders and growers. I dislike the most is that 2 straight bottling babies and one critical baby (either on NCPAP, NIPPV) or any babies with IVs. Whenever I sit down to bottle one baby, there's alwasys something wrong with the critical one (brady, desat...). Especially with the seperated room, I feel I cannot get to the other baby in time.....hate it.
  5. Hi, I just started working in NICU last Oct. And I hate to say this - I cannot find passion for it. Especially, the workload - often I have to care for 3 patients (for some of you, three might be a light load; however, in the unit I work at, each patient has their own room. I often find myself running marathon among the rooms. Sometimes, the babies cry at the same time or desat while I am bottle feeding or care for the other one = I feel it is not safe for my patients at all. I am just dragging my feet everytime when I have to go to work.....Is it normal for a NICU nurse to feel such huge anxiety? I am thinking to quit...please give me some advices...
  6. bumblebeegaga

    Where Are The Nurses In Sd?

    just passed my nclex and will be working @ sanford.
  7. bumblebeegaga

    FBI fingerprints

    Saga#2 - so instead of just waiting, I called the FBI to check my fingerprint process and they confirmed that they had have sent the results back to BON on 9/24. The FBI customer service rep said that BON will need to call FBI back if they have not received my results by now. So I called BON back and explained to them what I found out. But guess what, I was told then that according to their FBI point of contact that my fingerprints are still in process and the info I got is not correct ( I interpreted it that they were too lazy to verify the info I got directly from FBI), anyway, just second guessed myslef, I called the FBI again, a different customer service rep confirmed again that the results was sent on 9/26 to South Dakota BON....oh, I am very frustrated right now...any suggestinons?
  8. bumblebeegaga

    FBI fingerprints

    Hi all, just wondering how long it usually take for the FBI background check to come back? I just recently passed the NCLEX and my RN status is pending for the FBI clearance. I submitted my 2nd fingerprints (my first one got rejected due to the low qualiy) on 9/22 and have been calling South Dakota board of nursing daily for the past week for no results. Today the BON called back saying that the it's confirmed that my fingerprints are in process...other than that they could not give me more information.. I was just thinking whether it usually takes that long to process? I am scheduled to attend my first nursing job orientation next monday and if I don't get my license by that time, I'll have to wait a whole month for the next orientation. I am very anxious about this....Anyone has any info/insights on this? Thanks in advance.
  9. bumblebeegaga

    Anyone getting ready for a chemistry final?

    I am also taking the intro chem. Our final exam will be the ACS exam in General Chem(American Chemical Society). Has anyone taken the exam before? I don't even know how to preapre for it....just too much. L
  10. bumblebeegaga

    Need advice on schools

    Hi all, I just started my first prereq (chemistry) this spring at a private college. I like this college because of its small size and personal attention from the faculty. However, now I am debating over that if I should stay at this college or transfer to a state U which has the 12-month accelerated nursing program (BSN). If I stay, it will take 3 - 4 years for me to get the BSN (it's a christian college and I do not have any science background, so I'll need to take all the relegion, art, bio, chem..etc classes). If I go to the state U, once I finish the prereqs (8 courses left), it'll only take me one more year to get my degree. What do you think? time v.s quality????? L