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  1. I am a PMHNP student in Maryland and am desperately looking for outpatient pediatric Psych(100 hours in person) and adult preceptor (150 hours in person).I don't mind paying for clinical rotation because I have called and emailed to more than 50 practice and nobody accept a student. Please help
  2. NPRoseMona

    Interview for Minute Clinic

    I had a phone interview for Minute clinic 2 weeks a go. The corporate manager told me that she is going to recommend me for next step which is interview with regional manager in the state and she will call me in one week. Now 2 weeks is over, I emailed the corporate manager and told her that I haven't heard back from any regional manager yet. I emailed her 3 days ago. So far no response. What does it mean? Does it mean no or yes? I am confused and need your opinion. Is this kind of behavior normal for minute clinic?
  3. NPRoseMona

    ANP to FNP

    Is anybody from UMASS in Post Masters FNP program here? I am ANP-GNP and want to apply for FNP post Masters program and need to know more about the program. Is it really only 12 credits? is it doable with working full time and going to school? how about the exams? is it online tests or projects? I need to know more. Thank you
  4. NPRoseMona


    Her primary doctor dc/d all her orals. Now I want to start NPH and I dont know when pt is on lantus 100 units daily how much NPH I have to add? 0.5 units per Kilogram/daily or a portion of it because she is already taking Lantus?
  5. NPRoseMona


    no she is not on oral at all only 50 units lanuts am and 50 pm. Can we add oral pill when patient is already on lantus?
  6. NPRoseMona


    Hello I have a DMII patient who is on Lantus 50 Units BID. Her Blood suger is 400-500. She refused to go to endocrin specialist. I want to start NPH but I dont know how much I have to start with . I know 0.5 units per kilogram but the patient is already on Lantus and I dont know if I need to add full dose or portion of dose that I calculated for NPH. I appreciate your comments and feedback.
  7. NPRoseMona

    Adult NP to Family NP

    Thank you so much. I have sent my resume for this position 2 weeks ago. No response yet...
  8. NPRoseMona

    Adult NP to Family NP

    No poening in any nursing home. I went to Gero program with the hope of finding job in NH or rehab center. But nothing for Gero NP. I am certified in both Adult and Gero but it really doesn't make any difference... At least There are jobs for FNP in retail clinic with 80 K start up.
  9. NPRoseMona

    Adult NP to Family NP

    Thank you for response. I live in Livonia.I have applied for many positions. Most of them are looking for ICU or ER experiences, which I don't have. I have a Med/Surg background for 4 years.
  10. NPRoseMona

    Adult NP to Family NP

    i live in michigan and i just graduated in july 2009. i am certified as both adult and gero np. job market for adult np is awful and i am jobless for 3 months.i need to support my family and job market for fnp is always great. i want to go back to school for fnp. do you know how many more classes i need to take and are you aware of any short-term program (online) for adult np to family np? any experiences? in my school they require one and half year more classes and clinical, which is not fair. please help:crying2:
  11. I am a new NP graduate from Adult/Gero program. I was wondering if you recommend Gero Fitzgeralds CDs for the AACN board exam. Thank you.
  12. NPRoseMona

    Egg and Liver

    My new husband eats 2 eggs everyday. I was telling him that too much egg is not safe for your liver. He can't believe me. Is there any scientific reason behind it that I can explain it to him? Infact he thinks because I am a nurse, I am so protective about him. Please help me New Bride and old nurse
  13. NPRoseMona

    Any Muslim Nurses/Student Nurses in Allnurses?

    Salam Alaikum sister, I am a Nurse Practitioner student and I am Muslim too. I went to school in the Michigan and I worked in different hospitals and nursing homes. I never had any issue with my Hijab (covering my head and long sleeves scrub). If you have any specific question please feel free to email me. Good luck with school! Mashaalah!!
  14. NPRoseMona

    Report time

    Thank you all for your messages. You are right. Part of my problem is that I am a new nurse. Thank you for the report sheet. I hope things get better soon.
  15. NPRoseMona

    Report time

    I am a new nurse and I have problem with other nurses in the report time. I have 6 patients. At the report time the other nurses ask me : did the pt had Ct scan, MRI, EEG? did he had psych consult, neuro consult, and so many other consults? It is hard for me keep track of all consults, especially because I have 6 patients and these info haven't told to me in the report by the last nurse. I have hard time to say I don't know and I feel so embaresed. . Please tell me what I have to do. I can't honestly keep track of all consult and Ct scan, MRI, and EEG. And I don't know what is the benefit of knowing all these info for them because they can't do anything with the result. Please advise.Thanks
  16. NPRoseMona

    Insulin question

    I am a new nurse on Med/surg floor.I need to know some easy to learn info about administration of insulin. I don't know when I have to hold insulin based on pt meal time. I hold Insulin Novolog 12 units before dinner last night for my patient because her BS was 175 and she was on sliding scale insulin too,I gave her 10 units regular and hold novolog. The Dr. was so mad and told me that you shouldn't hold it. I checked with another experienced nurse and she told me to hold it. Please tell me how I can determine when to hold and when not to hold.