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  1. How much did your nursing education cost you? Worth it?

    shhhh, What state do u work in? Hows the cost of living there? I am trying to relocate...Thanks
  2. NCLEX RN Quick Results

    RURN, I took my boards on Saturday also in virginia.. I also passed!! Congratulations to both of us!!! Have you applied for any jobs? I will be at Prince WIlliam Hospital in Manassas, VA.. GOod Luck again!!
  3. Can someone please provide me NCLEX exam questions?

    I took mine this morning.. Got the good pop up.. Excited yet nervous for official results...exam ended at 75 questions.. I knew the computer was gonna shut off at 75. I started studying on Tuesday.. Took exam today.. I personally had a good experienc...
  4. Ok so I am taking my boards tomorrow also..SO FREAKING NERVOUS!!! N E way, from what I remember, if disaster, you prioritize caring for those that are most STABLE FIRST... If triaging in ER, you prioritize by caring for the LEAST STABLE FIRST.. PS....
  5. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    I take mine on July 5th. I just signed up for Kaplan two days ago and havent done any studying yet.. I m too nervous about the test that I just cant focus..I think I am kinda screwed..
  6. Hi All, Im a new grad from NVCC, VA and have been doing practice questions for about a couple weeks now.. I am continuously getting 70s practice test averages.. So, Im thinking its ok but not sure if I am ready to take my boards... Any suggestions ...
  7. A Sure Fail?

    JSmith, Is this Janet from NVCC, VA?
  8. Working in Psych while Pregnant

    hey futurenovarn, are u ready for monday's exam--> fluid and electrolytes (exam 4)? im just trying to finish the readings.. there is way too much crap to remember. how r u doing up to this point? oh i think u said u were pregnant? i dont think u ...
  9. I got into NVCC's Fall 09 program!! IM SO HAPPY!!

    hey how r u? how did u do on the math diagnostic test?? i took mine on tuesday and i believe i missed one. but i missed one ? for was the one with a proportion with a fraction on top.. it was like this: 1/2:50::x/25. x is 625 but i dont kno...
  10. ANybody applying to NVCC for Fall 09?

    congrats to u too!! yaaay!!im so happy that both of us are a part of this site and both of us got in...its just so cool.. n e way, my orientation is from 1-4 cuz my last name starts with K...well ill see u around...
  11. I got into NVCC's Fall 09 program!! IM SO HAPPY!!

    thanks all for the kudos!!
  12. ANybody applying to NVCC for Fall 09?

    hey how r u? did u recieve a letter yet? i just got mine in the mail on wednesday... i was so happy.. i withdrew from the private school i was attending. i hope u got in also and maybe we will see each other at orientation on the 23 of june 09. ...
  13. hi everyone, after a long wait of about 5.5 years, god has granted me one of the happiest times of my life. i was attending a very expensive private school and was half way thru the semester when i recieved my letter of acceptance last wednesday......
  14. Nursing school near md

    guys, i know earlier i said that i was going to attend the school, right?!. i was half way thru the semester at ghnts and i dropped all my classes and withdrew from the semester. the administration is no good peoplez.... always keep ur options open. ...
  15. ANybody applying to NVCC for Fall 09?

    my application has been deferred to nova's traditional program... but i am currently attending a private nursing school in alexandria.. currently enrolled in pharmacology, health concepts, and health/physical assessment. if i get into nova's program...