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  1. APEA Predictor exam

    Is the APEA predictor exam similar to the real exam?
  2. Urgent care setting new grad

    Hey everyone. Got an offer for a full time position at a busy urgent care center. I will always have a physician with me, but I hear that a normal day consist of 30-40 pts a day with little to no downtime. Now has anyone experienced a place like thi...
  3. OB/GYN Preceptorship NJ

    Hi everyone! Searched high and low and having absolutely no luck. I am in need of an ob/gyn preceptor for possibly the spring or summer near NJ. I had 2 locked up but due to practices closing and family issues with the two that I got a "yes" from, no...
  4. Frank J. Tornetta

    Blahhhhh. Had the interview today. They threw a curveball. Had 25 ccrn questions.
  5. Got an Interview @ Drexel!

    Hard scenarios? My icu experience isnt all that great because we barely get any real acute pts anymore for some reason. And thats the reason that im scared of the interview lol.
  6. Got an Interview @ Drexel!

    Any pointers on the interview? What do they ask etc. any advice will help! And congrats!!
  7. Apart from the obvious, what else can..

    Go shadow a CRNA. It will give you more of an insight on what they do. I first thought it was gonna be monotonous, but it really isn't. I've met over 30+ CRNA's, and not one of them are unhappy with their jobs unlike most of my peers in my unit or ...
  8. Frank J. Tornetta

    got an interview in May, Anyone graduate from there?
  9. Got an Interview @ Drexel!

    any luck? Im waiting for them to give me the phase 2 review. Just awaiting my BSN transcripts to come in.
  10. ICU experience

    I've been in my MICU for over 8 months now. Other experiences are PACU for 2 years and ER for 4.5 years. As I have said in the other thread, the acuity level of my unit is not that great. It's merely nothing but stable vented nursing home patients...
  11. ICU Acuity - Georgetown Hospital

    Yup. I am close to 1 year in ICU experience from 5 years in the ER and I still think im not ready. The acuity of the patients in my ICU are not the best to learn from. Been looking elsewhere, but my hands are tied due to needing vacation time for m...
  12. Unfortunate ICU RN in need of less physically demanding job

    it all depends on which PACU you go to. The good thing about ours is that the pt's are already on their own bed when they get to PACU. The only physical thing we do is to just push their beds to their assigned rooms. I work both places and I would...
  13. Honestly, sometimes 2:1 is hard enough, these patients are unpredictable, but 2:1 is appropriate. However, 3:1 is unsafe IMO. Even if you have a pt that is a q4 hour vs, he or she can be a "dinger' or very needy. Sometimes I find myself in that pt's ...
  14. University MedSurg ICU vs Level 2 Trauma ICU

    Either or would help. The trauma ICU will have more critical patients and you will see more. There are times in my med/surge ICU that we dont have one patient that is on a critical care drip of somes ort, whereas you will always have one at the tra...
  15. ER RN to ICU?

    Jkr thanks for the insight. I think i'll be fine with the drips since im familiar with that aspect. Vent settings im not as good with as well as A-lines. The other issue I have is the skin breakdown, bed ulcer prevention, since we usually dont turn ...