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Hey everyone. Got an offer for a full time position at a busy urgent care center. I will always have a physician with me, but I hear that a normal day consist of 30-40 pts a day with little to no downtime.

Now has anyone experienced a place like this right out of graduation? Some people are telling me to stay away since it's difficult to learn because it gets overwhelming, but then some people telling me to take it because I will learn a lot by seeing a lot of patients.

What does everyone think?


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That's the type of role I wanted since it is what I'm currently familiar with as an RN, but the organization says they want 3-5 years experience (not an UC but the express care side of an ED).

So I'll get some experience and see what happens.

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Do you have a solid ED background? Most of the hard core ED RNs I know would be more than capable, imo, of starting in an urgent care setting.

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I work ED one day a week and UC two days. I see 30 pt/day (0900-2030). I love it because I stay busy. I also had 12 years level one ED experience, and "busy" is relative.


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30-40 day hope it pays good at least. as in 130k +. If you feel comfortable reading plain film chest x rays, ortho shots (looking for fractures, etc), suturing, seeing kids for whatever random virus they picked up and ruling out the big gun problems, you should be ok. The rest is very straight forward most the time and if somebody comes in with their leg hanging off you can always send to the ED.