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  1. Sonagnon

    CRNE February 2010

    I am in Ottawa and I got my results today and I passed :yeah:. I am very thankful to God, to this forum, and especially to all the Canadians Nurses who took the time to answer CRNE questions on this forum. Thank you
  2. Sonagnon

    CRNE February 2010

    I saw it too on the CNO website. They posted only the February and June 2010 exam dates only. Maybe there are new changes coming, who knows?
  3. Sonagnon

    CRNE February 2010

    According to the Canadian Nurses Association website, CRNE is still offered 3 times a year and for the next 2 years, the exam dates are: 2010: February 3, 2010 ; June 2, 2010; October 6, 2010 2011: February 2, 2011; June 1, 2011; October 5, 2011 Good luck everyone.
  4. Sonagnon

    CRNE 7th october

    Try Campus bookstore at Qeen's University in Kingstone Ontario. The shipping fees were much lower when I ordered it. Good Luck
  5. Sonagnon

    NM license renewal help!

    nm board of nursing does not issue hard copy licenses anymore. here is a statement from their website effective jan 1, 2009, the new mexico board of nursing will no longer issue hard copy licenses or duplicate licenses. licensure, including renewal, can be verified by using our on-line license/certificate lookup. (choose "license/certificate lookup" from the top menu item on this page called "license/certificate lookup.") the new mexico state board of nursing's on-line verification is a service provided to licensees, employers and the public. information is updated daily (every 24 hours). this website can be considered primary source for this information. do not accept a copy of the license as a reliable verification that the person is licensed. results from the license/certificate lookup will display the following information: name of the licensee or certificate holder. type of license or certificate. r= rn; l=lpn; h= hemodialysis technician; c=medication aide license or certificate number. original issue date of license or certificate. disciplinary actions taken by the board of nursing. please note: if no discipline action is listed on the website, then there is no discipline against this license. disciplinary action taken can be obtained by written request. the status of the license or certificate including whether the individual has multi-state privileges. multi-state privileges means the nurse can work in any compact state using their new mexico license. advanced practice (crna, np, cns) status prescriptive authority status for cns
  6. Sonagnon

    NM license renewal help!

    On the NM board of nursing website, click on License/Certificate Lookup from the drop down menu also called License/Certificate/Lookup. On the new page you get, select "Click here to proceed to license/Certificate Lookup"; type in your last name or your social security number and click submit. I usually search by my last name. If your license is ready you will see your name. Click on the the license number next to your name to get detailed information regarding your license. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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