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    Poop Chute Paranoia

    Is anyone else (pre-nursing student with little/no/limited actual hands-on health care experience like myself) kind of dreading having to give enemas? I have some experience with bodily fluids (via a dental assistantship with a periodontist), and I'm fine with blood, pus, and other nasty stuff found in people's mouths. I'm thinking I'll be fine with vomit, poo, urine and innards. What I'm kind of sketched out about is having to administer an enema. I don't know what it is exactly about it that bothers me (it's just another orifice, right?), and BY GOD I will give them if that is what's required, but ...*sigh* not looking forward to it. Does this mean I am not cut out for nursing? I hope not, because mostly everything else about it seems pretty kick ass (ha ha no pun intended) and I'm super excited to be working towards a new career as an RN. Anybody have any words of wisdom?

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