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  1. butrfli

    I really needed to find this site

    I'm just starting myself so I'll be following everyone's post too. I have tons of books here from my previous nursing school so hopefully I won't feel the need to buy anymore, :/ Just waiting my 6 weeks for them to review my transcript which they already have and tell me what I need. Good luck!!!
  2. butrfli

    Need some insight....I'm worried.

    Thank you!!! I did call excelsior today and sent in my application and fee so I guess you can say I've put one foot forward, :) Now just waiting to hear back.
  3. butrfli

    Need some insight....I'm worried.

    If I understand the excelsior program correctly, I do qualify because I've successfully completed one year of nursing school. I did get clinical experience with it also. I currently work at a hospital so I'm constantly exposed to nursing care too which will help with the 3 day clinical performance at the end of this program. Thanks for encouraging me to push forward and your concern. Much appreciated!
  4. butrfli

    Need some insight....I'm worried.

    Thanks so much for the advice. I did call the SBofNursing and cannot sit for the LPN boards unless I've finished an LPN program but it was worth the try. I'm gonna go on and pursue the Excelsior route. I'm sending in my application today with the application fee. My transcripts have already been sent to them over 2 weeks ago but I'm going to call to be sure they have it on file. I just hope I hear back from them on what I need to take sooner than 6 weeks; That's a long time and I'm eager! :)
  5. butrfli

    Need some insight....I'm worried.

    Thanks. I sent an email to the Board of Nursing and will follow up with a phone call if I don't hear back. It doesn't hurt to ask and that would be wonderful! We'll see.
  6. Here's the deal, I attended Charity School of Nursing and completed Basics, 1st semester and Nac 1 (nursing of the adult client 1) the 2nd semester, which I had to repeat because I got a 76.67 and needed a 77 to pass. I passed the second time with a 79, and then moved on to my 3rd semester (which was Peds/Maternal Health, the first rotation, and mental health the second rotation. I failed the first rotation of PCN (parent child nursing) with a 76.23, so now I'm out of the program. During this time, I was taking care of my mother who was very sick with CHF and had had a stroke 16 years ago which left her unable to speak and walk due to hemiparesis to the right side. My mom (my beloved heart) passed away mid April. This left me with maintaining her estate, etc, as my dad had passed away in 2003. We just recently sold her house so I have that behind me now. I also am divorced with three kids ages 13, and twins 11. My ex doesn't help with child support so I lived on loans and PRN work at a local hospital. I telling you this so you have a little background information and have a better understanding of where I coming from. Because of my failing out of the program, it has left me feeling lost with no direction in life when it all was just a hands link away. It has totally crushed my self confidence on passing another nursing program, thus, the reason I writing this. I need to find my hope again and regain my sense of direction in my nursing career. As you've read, I've completed my first year of nursing school so I qualify for the excelsior program but I'm afraid to invest the little money I earn from working at the hospital as a CNA on a med/surg oncology floor and "fail" again along with upfront money lost. Are most of you already LPN's? Is there anyone here who's completed their first year of nursing and then entered excelsior? I feel that I'm strong student (entered nursing school with a 3.8) but then I just couldn't get out of the mid 70's (average) as a grade in nursing school. I'm a very analitical thinker and I think that caused wrong choices on exams bc I tend to think way further than what I should although some questions required me to do so. I'm just a flippin mess when it comes to testing (not anxiety wise) just with the way I critically think....I go way beyond sometimes and it bites me everytime. What is your opinion with the excelsior program compared to your nursing experience already obtained? I know you can't tell me how well I'll do but a little reassurance helps me make a decision. I'm 44 and need to finish way one or another. Thanks ahead for the advise I hope to receive. :heartbeat
  7. butrfli

    Can someone explain this to me...

    thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it! :)
  8. i'm looking into starting the excelsior program and i don't understand what the endorsement means. i am a non-lpn graduate but have successfully completed 50% of an adn degree from another nursing school. (1st year completed). i don't understand the endorsement and i've looked on the bon for louisiana to find information and can't find anything that explains this. i'm hoping that someone can tell me what this means. does this mean that after the excelsior completion i can sit for the boards, get an rn license, and then have towork as an rn for 6 months in the state of louisiana? or does this mean i have to be preceptored (ss) for 6 months? i'm not understanding how the word "endorse" applies to the 6 months experience. "louisiana- direct licensure: all graduates who were lpn/lvns or successfully completed 50% of the clinical credits in an associate, baccalaureate, or rn diploma nursing program prior to admission are eligible to apply for licensure by examination. endorsement: non-lpn graduates must endorse into louisiana with six months rn experience." thanks!!!!!:)
  9. butrfli

    Question for anyone who attends CSN....

    I ended up rescheduling my job orientation and took the exam. I'm glad I did too because the test was difficult and 5 points would've hurt me pretty bad. Thanks for your feedback!
  10. Wondering if anyone has had to or heard of someone whos had to take a make-up exam and can tell me how it was. I've just landed a great job at a local hospital and their orientation happens to fall on the same day as our next exam. I don't know if they'll grant me the make-up test yet, but wanted to know if the exam is still a mulitiple choice exam.
  11. butrfli

    LPN,ASN, or BSN

    I didn't think micro was tough. It was interesting so I found learning the material easier. I had a lab to take with it also. I took it with my AP11 lecture and lab and pre-calc. I think you can handle both.
  12. butrfli

    LPN,ASN, or BSN

    First semester consists of basics which is usually 2 days and can range from 9am to 12pm, sometimes till 2 or 3pm on both days and then you'll have a pharm class to take one day which is usually an hour and a half. After about 8 weeks of basics you'll start clinicals which are two days a week every other week and you'll have skill check offs to do at school which is a separate scheduled time of your choosing. Second semester consists of Nursing of the Adult Client 1 (NAC 1) which is 2 days a week and clinicals 2 days a week. Prior to going to clincials you have to "pick up your patient info" at the hospital the day before. Clinicals for every semester is the whole day usually from 6:30-2:00pm depending on which hospital you choose. You won't take another Pharm class but you do need to take a calculations class at the beginning of every semester and make a 90 or above in order to pass. They allow you three chances to get the grade otherwise you'll have to drop the whole semester. I haven't had 3rd semester yet so I can't give advice as to what to expect.
  13. butrfli

    LPN,ASN, or BSN

    You don't that much more to go. If you apply for Sept, you are most likely to get accepted for next fall. This will put you right at the 3 years your looking for. Just be sure to get all the pre-reqs done before you actually start the program bc there will little time to squeeze another class along with the studying, care plans, and clinicals. Good Luck!
  14. butrfli

    LPN,ASN, or BSN

    I would go speak to a college advisor whether it be at a community college like Delgado (off Old Spanish Trail in Slidell) or to a university such as SLU, UNO, LSU or some other large college. This way you can figure out what you need as to what you've taken already. I could help tell you what you need if you are interested in getting your ADN from Delgado/Charity School of Nursing bc I'm a student there as well. I can't help you with the others bc I haven't attended them. If you want, list the classes that you took and I'll tell you how much further you've got in order to be able to apply at CSN. CSN usually takes 6 mos to a year waiting list to start and then you've got another 2 years to go through the program (4 semesters with summers off).
  15. butrfli

    Looking for a handy skills book for clinical

    I have a WONDERFUL book that's called, "Photo Guide of Nursing Skills," by Sandra Smith, Donna Duell and Barbara Martin. It has everything your looking for with step by step pictures of procedures and descriptions of how to perform. Check it out! You'll love it!