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i'm looking into starting the excelsior program and i don't understand what the endorsement means. i am a non-lpn graduate but have successfully completed 50% of an adn degree from another nursing school. (1st year completed). i don't understand the endorsement and i've looked on the bon for louisiana to find information and can't find anything that explains this. i'm hoping that someone can tell me what this means. does this mean that after the excelsior completion i can sit for the boards, get an rn license, and then have towork as an rn for 6 months in the state of louisiana? or does this mean i have to be preceptored (ss) for 6 months? i'm not understanding how the word "endorse" applies to the 6 months experience.

"louisiana- direct licensure: all graduates who were lpn/lvns or successfully completed 50% of the clinical credits in an associate, baccalaureate, or rn diploma nursing program prior to admission are eligible to apply for licensure by examination. endorsement: non-lpn graduates must endorse into louisiana with six months rn experience."


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Let me see if i can break this down a little bit for you basically since you have already completed 50% of an ASN RN program, then when you graduate from excelsior you may take NCLEX-RN under direct licensure.

now had you been a paramedic lets say you would have to work somewhere else as an RN for 6mo before being able to apply for a license in the state of LA.

direct licensure means that you take the NCLEX-RN for that state to obtain a licesne. Now if you had your licesne lets say in Mississippi, and wanted to move to LA to live, you would have to follow the ENDORSEMENT guidelines, because you would need a LA nursing license to work, so you would apply via endorsement, NOT tke the examination all over again for licensure.

does that makes sense? I hope i didnt confuse if you live in LA and finished at least 50% of an RN program, then you can go to excelsior, finishe their RN program and be elibile after graduation to sit for the NCLEX in LA

The way I read what you provided is that as a non LPN, you must get 6 months RN experience before you can be licensed. Of course, you will need to call or write the Board to get this explained.

It says LPN/LVN OR completed 50% of an RN program can sit for boards.

thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it! :)

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