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    HEY, I actually logged on today with this same problem. I had to do a presentation today spur of the moment no time to prepare and I was shaking and couldnt speak. I also have horrible nerves when I have to give meds with my instructor in clinical. I am really worried about this holding me back. Im going to be a senior in the fall and I havent gotten a handle on this yet. Its humiliating too! Everyone else in my class seems so relaxed and fine at this point. I was thinking of bringing this up with my doctor and going on a medication until school is over. I hate to go that drastic but even my instructor has said she cant watch me give an injection because I shake so much. YIKES! ANYONE WITH ADVICE FOR US OUT THERE???
  2. inschool4ever

    nurses with no RN license practicing as a nurse?!

    I guess it upsets me because I am working my butt off to get my license and learning as much as I can so I know what I am doing and then there are people working under this same title who didnt.
  3. inschool4ever

    nurses with no RN license practicing as a nurse?!

    here is the problem I may be working for this hospital in the fall so I do not want my name on any of the complaints. Its actually a highly regarded hospital Im sure there arent many people that know about her. Not sure how to do this annonymously. Any ideas? THANKS!
  4. I didnt believe this was happening until I went to the dermatologist last week and the nurse who was wearing a nurses name tag that said her name and her title as charge nurse. She was talking to me about nursing while giving me a shot for pain, telling me she never finished nursing school because it was too hard. I was in disbelief that she was administering meds into my leg! Then she assisted the doctor with sewing my stitches. I talked with my mother in law who has worked for many surgeons over the years as an office manager, she told me that this happens all the time. She said if the doctor feels the person is competent then they will hire them as a nurse. I find this to be unethical and I certainly do not think she should be wearing a nurses badge. I know its illegal to pose as a doctor, why not a nurse? Does anyone find this as crazy as I do?
  5. inschool4ever

    starting clinicals in fall no experience...

    thanks for all your support. I am the same way, when I decide to do something I do it to the best of my ability. I am in my thirties with kids and a husband who travels a lot so it won't be easy. I like to be busy every second so I doubt that standing around will be something that I want to do. However I am concerned about the posts stating that the rules dont allow them to do much. I hope thats not the case. thanks for all your replies!
  6. After reading many threads throughout this forum, I am terrified to start nursing school. There is a lot of negativity from nurses towards students, and also in regards to new nurses. My concern over all of this is that I have little experience in the medical field, I do not know many of the medical terms (I took one semester in medical term because I thought it was necessary, however it was not required), nor do I know many of the illnessess yet. I have a 3.7 GPA, (which is why I was accepted) but have not been taught any of these things in anatomy or any of the other classes I took, most seemed useless towards nursing. I plan on studying medical terms and illnesses on my own all summer but when are these things typically taught? If this is the usual case its no wonder the nurses are frustrated at nursing students. We are not prepared well enough before being put into the hospitals. Does anyone else have any suggestions as to what I can do to prepare myself before the clinicals this fall? thanks!
  7. inschool4ever

    transfer to london?

    Does anyone know what the requirements are for rn's in london. Do you need a Bachelors degree or can you practice with a associates. Also, Does anyone know if a lisense transfers there? thanks! michelle

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