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  1. I'm surviving. I'm working for almost one month and *phew*... Good for you you have a lengthly period of time for orientation. I just had a one day of training and they put me in charge in one unit with 12-15 patients. I learned the ropes by myself. It was hard at first and till now I am still learning coz in sub acute residents come and go. We always encounter new admits with different prognosis. I know you'll be fine. Just keep on learning. Goodluck.
  2. I just passed my LPN. And got hired in a rehab center. Decided to take the long term care facility first, but DON also adviced me to try sub acute. Which of which should I choose?? And also any advice for me (LPN with no experience in rehab), would be great???? I'll be starting next week wednesaday. Thanks.
  3. purie

    starting rate of lpn?

    Anybody here knows what the starting rate of LPN here in AZ who doesn't have any experience? Thanks so much!
  4. purie

    passed nclex pn at 109!!!

  5. purie

    passed nclex pn at 109!!!

    Hi guys! I did it.. i did it!!!! Whooohhhh!!!! Took my exam last April 1. Got my result yesterday at 9am. What more.. Got my license just this afternoon. And for sure I'm up to find work soon. What a blessed week this had been. I only have to thank the Lord for all the greatness pouring down on me, Most esp. through the intercession of St. Philomena. :balloons: God bless to everybody!!!
  6. purie

    just took nclex pn this morning

    thanks meghan. I appreciate your concern. I really do. I am still crossing my fingers and still hope for good things to come.
  7. purie

    just took nclex pn this morning

    hi guys! I'm new here in this forum. Just took my nclex this morning. The computer shuts off at 109. Read from the previous posts, one should aim for 85 "the usual number that says you pass", well i do hope not. What you think ... do i get the chance?

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