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    Need some advise...Please!!

    I had a pt in the ER who refused to have a nurse put in a foley so the resident ordered a urology consult. The doctor had a really hard time persuading the pt to let him put the foley catheter in. The pt was verbally abusive to the urologist, ER physician and I the nurse. Tell us we were stupid, didnt know what we were doing.. so on. 30 minutes and 4 mg iv versed later, the patient had the foley in. The doctor said try not to let him pull this foley out. The pt proceeded to say he had to pee. I and other nurses tried to pursuade this pt that he had the foley in draining his bladder. Pt stated it wasnt draining fast enough and that he had to go pee. Pt stated that he wanted the foley out. Numerous times did I have to tell the pt to relax and lay down but he was very agitated and annoyed. Pt locked himself in the bathroom and came out with the foley in two pieces. He went into his belongings and had a box cutter he used to cut the foley tubing and pulled the foley out. I inspected the foley initially and it looked intact so I threw it away. Went to the orders to notify the resident and the urologist wrote orders for sedation 1:1 sitter or restraint to keep pt from pulling out foley. I think about the situation 24 hours later and I cant say for sure what i saw. What if the foley was not intact when I threw it away? Am I guilty of neglect or negligence?

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