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  1. Miss Julie

    Corporate Care

    I feel your pain!! The facility that i work at is managed by an outside firm. they have made so many changes to the interior of the facility when we could have spent that money on the residents. I shudder to think how much they spent on the new paint and wallpaper, which by the way belongs in a funeral parlor. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but as soon as they put up that ugly, overpriced, uneeded funeral home wallpaper, 5 people died! it does get a little disgusting when you know that a good day does not mean everyone is safe, well cared for and happy, but instead that corporate made a buck.
  2. Miss Julie

    restorative nursing in long term care

    I was glad to see a new posting re: restorative nurses. I took the restorative job in Feb 06 and have been muddling my way through it ever since. I work in a ~100 bed facility and I work solo. I have no aides and though i have asked i have been turned down by administration. as a result i have had to cut back on the amount of time i spend with individual residents whenever i add someone to the program, and this bothers me. i am a little overwhelmed at times. I took the job mostly for the weekends off, but i am beginning to wonder if it was worth it! I don't think that people understand all the tasks that are assigned to restorative nurses. anyway, sorry for complaining, it'll work out in the end, if anyone has any good ideas to help incorporate larger numbers of people into AROM programs besides Sittercise i would greatly appreciate any info. I didn't recieve any speical training either and am also looking for some good books if anyone knows of some.
  3. Miss Julie

    accredited and non accredited

    In the area that I live in there is a program that does not have NLN accreditation and so far the only major difference is that one of the major hospitals will not accept their graduating RN's without one year of experience in another hospital. As far as credits not transferring, it seems that all colleges structure their nursing programs just a little different---just different enough so that the credits don't transfer to another colleges program. NLN accreditation is given if a colleges program meets the requirements the NLN has determined. I have heard of programs not recieving accreditation because of too many credit hours and too few. I'm sure there is more that goes into it than that.
  4. Miss Julie

    violent alzheimer's....

    Wow! Reading your posting it reminds me of something that I could have written myself, more than once. I know exactly how you feel, calling all your staff to help perform cares for one resident, wondering if you are actually ensuring that needs are met or committing boderline abuse. In my case(s) we did end up with both staff and other residents hurt. It's just as Lori said in the previous posting, document, document, document- get the rest of the staff behind you on this from nurses to support staff (including dietary, housekeeping, anyone who has had difficulty with the resident)-demand an meeting to discuss problems, or an inservice for staff on how to handle this type of resident if they are not used to dealing with violence. As soon as the facility sees that it is not in their interest to pay 5-6 staff members to care for one resident or if someone (hopefully this doesn't happen) gets hurt, they will change their tune. Be sure to enlist the help of the resident's physician (if you have in house they should know the situation, or if they are seen at a clinic insist they come to the facility), family (if you have a good relationship with them) see if they will assist with cares, try different approaches (I'm sure you've tried a million). Definitely inquire about different medications. Hopefully there is an Alz unit with an open bed that will be ready to take this resident when your admin comes to their senses. Best of luck to both you and your resident.

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