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    ob nursing???

    I just graduated from high school myself but i can tell you what classes helped me and should help you. If your school offers Anatomy and Physiology i would really recommend that because you have to take it on the college level later and it helps to have the background information. Also if you can take any AP (or Advanced Placement) classes those are good also. I took AP Biology and it gave me a good background for the classes you will need in College. I hope that help. =)
  2. I have heard mostly discouragement from going into the field of nursing. I am entering school as a freshman in 2 weeks. I plan on getting a BSN from a University after i gain my AA and get the prerequisites from the community college i am in now. My problem is I was really looking forward to being a nurse but there has been so many people telling me to choose another career that i am becoming dismayed at my decision and wondering why i am getting myself into this career. If any of you could give me some encouragement and some uplifting stories and why you like or Love nursing I would really appreciate it. Thanks!