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  1. LUVtxNursing

    Southeast Texas Nurse

    Hey there, welcome to the area! I live in Pt. Neches. I'm an RN now, but I was a LVN for 2 years before that. I worked Med/Surg at The Medical Center. The pay was pretty good, I worked the 36-hour perdiem schedule and I made $18/hr, but there's no benefits though, but I didn't need them. Now, I hear LVN's make pretty good money in Home Health, not sure of the exact rate, but I think it's close to $20/hr! As far as finding a job, if you're willing to work the floor, you won't have a problem at all. I would recommend Baptist in Beaumont which is where I work, most of the nurses who work the floors there are really happy. Now, I work in surgery and I know they hire LVN's as surgical techs, they will train you, not sure what the pay is though. There is also an inpatient Hospice hospital in Beaumont that hires LVN's pretty regularly, it's called Harbor Hospice. Anyway, good luck to you.
  2. LUVtxNursing

    Can I do this??

    Hmm...I never even thought of using imagery..but I will try it! Thanks for all the advice, I'm sure it will be fine. Today was a good day, I did 3 Total Knees and despite being a little scattered on the first one I did fine on the other two :nuke:! I think some of the problem has been because I haven't been able to get one specialty under my belt before moving on to another, but I have started speaking up and requesting to be put on the cases I have not had much exposure to. Keep the great advice coming, I sure can use it and appreciate it very much!!
  3. LUVtxNursing

    Can I do this??

    Ok, I'm a new RN, was a LVN for 2 years and worked on a Med/Surg floor. I was hired as a circulator right out of RN school. I've been there about 4 months and am about to be off orientation. I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed because there is still alot of procedures I have not had a chance to circulate and Surgeons I haven't worked with yet. I also feel like a bit of a clutz and like I just don't have enough snap to work in the OR. I tend to focus on the big things like hooking up the suction, bovie, and anything else that is needed in the case and I sometimes forget about putting the bovie pad and bair hugger on. I know it takes quite a bit of time to feel comfortable in the OR, but I just don't know if I'm ready to be on my own. I have done a couple of small cases on my own and I just felt like I wasn't prioritizing things well and I kept myself running during the whole case. I'm usually ok once the case gets started, but it's from the time I bring the patient in the room until cut time that I feel the most stress and like I'm just not getting it. I also get really confused when it's time to prep something other than a belly or a back, I have a hard time with sterile technique :uhoh21:. My preceptor seems to have to keep reminding me to do things that I should already know to do without being prompted. I haven't gotten any bad evaluations so I guess I'm doing ok, I just have a little lack of confidence in myself I guess. I would appreciate any advice anyone on here can offer that may help me feel better about this, I love the OR and I know I want to be there, I'm just not sure if the OR likes me
  4. LUVtxNursing

    Leave the phone at home !!

    No, you did not misunderstand! Yes, I stepped into the corner of the room by the door and sent a quick message trying to take care of an important matter, it took about 2 seconds, doesn't make it right though. If you read all my post you would see that I was upset with myself for doing that. I have NEVER done that before, or will I again. I was with another nurse, the case was over and I made a bad decision to send the message, I was reprimanded for it, so like I said, lesson learned. So, do you think the experienced nurse looking at sexy halloween costumes online with a scrub tech was any better, because you didn't say anything about that! In my opinion, that caused way more of a distraction than what I did, I mean, the Dr., Anesthesiologist and the male scrub tech were drooling over what they were seeing, and asking the female scrub tech to show them what costume she was wearing! No one even knew that I had used my phone except the other nurse cause she saw me. She was right to reprimand me for doing that, I would have done the same thing, but sometimes nurses who are training orientees need to think of the example they are setting too. Looking at stuff online and then getting on to me for trying to take care of an urgent matter is kind of hipocritical if you ask me. I shared this because I wanted to contribute to the discussion, not to get reprimanded again! I know I shouldn't have done that, and it never happened before and it will never happen again, so let's move on please.
  5. LUVtxNursing

    Leave the phone at home !!

    Yeah, I made a boo-boo with my cell phone the other day, but it was kinda urgent at the time. I am on orientation in the OR and we were wrapping up a case, the Dr. was closing the skin, everything had been done. I had been trying for several days to get my daughter in to the Dr. to get her refill on her ADHD meds that she's been out of for a couple of weeks. Anywho, my friend works for the Dr. and she sent me a text telling me that a cancellation came up and she was scheduling my daughter for the next day at 3:30, I was like..o crap..I have a dentist appointment that day, so I whipped out my cell just to text her and tell her I would call her in a few minutes about the appointment and not to leave the office. The nurse I was with fussed at me pretty hard for doing that, and I was upset with myself that I did it, but I had debated it for a few minutes and I figured it wouldn't hurt to send a quick text, afterall, the nurse that reprimanded me was looking on the internet at sexy halloween costumes with one of the scrub techs. I figured if they thought it was appropriate to do that, then I should be ok to take care of my business as long as it was done quickly and didn't take my attention away from the case, which it didn't at all. Of course the nurse I was with reported this to the educator that is over us right now, but she really didn't come down to hard, just reminded us all to keep cell phones out of the OR. I have never used my cell phone before this time during a case. I have it on me, on vibrate, and if someone calls or texts I always wait until the case is over or when I take a break. If I think it may be urgent then I will step out of the room for a sec to take the call. I just made a spur of the moment decision that time, and I'm sure it could have waited, but I knew the office was closing and I needed my friend to wait at the office so I could talk to her. I really thought the nurse and the scrub tech looking at the halloween costumes on the internet was more inappropriate than what I did, I mean the Surgeon's eyes were bugging out of his head so he could get a look at some of them...LOL! I didn't report that to anyone, but I probably should have, but I didn't want it to seem like I was trying to make light of what I did. Well, lesson learned, won't happen again!
  6. LUVtxNursing

    online review vs. live lecture???

    I attended the Sylvia Rayfield and HURST Review. I have to say that the HURST Review was WONDERFUL!! If you attend a live review, then you can get the online review for $50(normally $250). It's good for 30 days and it has all the same material and videos as the live review, and you can do it as many times as you want, you can also print out notes and other things. Marlene Hurst originated the review, and she is the one that does the online review, she is hillarious and you will learn so much from her, and a guy named Patrick did the live review I attended and he was awesome! Another good thing is, once you pay and attend a live review then you can go to as many reviews as you want for free. I took NCLEX in June of this year and passed with 75 questions and I was able to apply everything I was taught in the review to almost all of the questions, so I HIGHLY recommend HURST Review.
  7. LUVtxNursing

    Newbie with Questions

    Well, I was the same as you before I got into nursing school. I had ALWAYS wanted to work OB, and that's what my entire focus was while in NS, I even did my 200 Preceptor hours on L&D in my last semester and applied for a job. It ended up that they only had night positions available and I could not do that, and no other hospitals in my area had any OB openings. I then decided to talk with a nurse recruiter at another hospital and he said they had surgery positions open. I set up an interview and was hired on the spot! I couldn't be happier!! So, "TakeTwoAspirins" is right about you exploring all areas before you make up your mind, you just might end up liking something you never thought you would! To answer your question about the difference between a Med/Surg nurse and a surgery nurse....Med/Surg is usually what people are referring to when you hear them say "they are a floor nurse" A lot of patients will go there after they have surgery, so that's where the "Surgical" part comes in. I worked Med/Surg for a year and learned alot, I hated it, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. Well, good luck in whatever you choose!!
  8. LUVtxNursing

    Just been offered an OR position as a new grad

    Congrats on your job!! I'm a new grad and accepted a position in the OR as well, I also start July 7th!! I'm a little scared because I have little knowledge of the OR, mainly because I wanted to work OB and did my 200 preceptor hours in L&D, but there were no day shifts available, OR was my second choice, and I think I'm gonna love it!! Good luck to you! :yeah:
  9. LUVtxNursing

    Moving to East Texas from Northern Nevada

    Well, I can't speak for Tyler, but I live near the coast and our beaches are no where near California beaches!! The water looks like mud, literally! On the other hand, there is alot of opportunity here and 2 really good schools that have LVN-RN programs, I just graduated from one and passed my boards Thursday! However, if I had to move I would definatley head to the Austin area, it is just beautiful and the people there are ALOT more open minded than East Texas! I love the Hill country and there is so much to do you would never be bored that's for sure! Well, good luck to you and Welcome to Texas Ya'll!!
  10. LUVtxNursing

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    Took my test Thursday...just found out I PASSED!!! So glad to have that over with and excited to finally be a RN!
  11. LUVtxNursing

    Pearson Quick Results

    NO..do not feel alone unpetitpoulet!! Pearson Vue really has problems! Another thing is, my sis was calling them to check on her ATT a week after I got mine, and they have an option that says "press ? to check the status of your ATT." Well, she did that, and when someone answered they said "we can't help u with that, u have to call the board!!! Ok, then why the **** do u have an option that says "to check the status" if all your gonna tell me is to call the board.....STUPID!! Well, I'm sure there are others that have had trouble with them, I think we should all complain to the board and maybe they will do something eventually! Good luck to you! Oh, I just found out I PASSED!!!! :yeah:
  12. LUVtxNursing

    Is it FATE???

    Thank you so much for your advice! I'm getting more excited every day about it! I can't wait to get started! Thanks for the tip about the spiral, I will definately do that!!
  13. LUVtxNursing

    Pearson Quick Results

    HA! Yeah, me and my sis were scheduled to test yesterday (June 12) Well, when we got there she realized she didn't have her ATT! Well, to make a long story short. I took my test, she didn't. When we got back home she called and the guy (foreign) from Pearson just kept telling her she was a no show and she could not take the test! That's all he would say, "u cannot take the test, u did not show!" FINALLY she got him to tell her that she had to call the board for a new ATT. Well, she calls the BON and they tell her she has to start over, re-register, pay the fees, even the $100 for license and they'll send her another ATT. I can understand having to pay for the test, but why $100 for her license again, her ATT is still good, and she did show up, just didnt bring the ATT!! I told her to call and talk to a Supervisor before she sends the money, that doesn't sound right to me! Everytime I have called Pearson I got someone I could not understand or could not understand me!! They all sounded middle eastern. They really need to do something about this, or at least make sure the people answering the phones can understand English or whatever language the caller is using, VERY well! I feel your pain, trust me!
  14. LUVtxNursing

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    Took the test at 8am this morning!! I think half my test was SATA's!! Cut off at 75 though, so that good be really good or really bad! A girl in my class tested Monday and said she got a ton of those too and passed, so hopefully the same works for me! Congrats to all those that have passed!!
  15. LUVtxNursing

    Hiring procedures

    Well, the hiring process can be VERY frustrating!! I interviewed the middle of May for a surgery position. The Director didn't tell me I was hired and I didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks. A friend in my class interviewed the week after me and he told her the surgery position had been filled internally but he was interested in her for PACU. Well, I decided to call the recruiter and tell him that I heard the surgery position was filled but that I would be interested in Pre-op or PACU if something was available. He said they were just processing my paperwork before they could make me the official offer. I was like, "offer for what position?" He said it was surgery, it seems there was more than one position, but no one ever called me to even tell me they wanted to hire me!! Then, I just got the call from HR today after days of calling to check on the status of my paperwork. I go tomorrow for all the testing and stuff. I so agree with being a "squeeky wheel"...LOL!! I'm just glad I decided to check back with them or I would have applied elsewhere, and this was the place I wanted to be anyway, glad it worked out!
  16. LUVtxNursing

    Is it FATE???

    Ok, I'm a new grad RN, taking boards this Thursday:eek:!! Please bare with me here. Throughout my time in nursing school and even the year I worked as an LPN on a Med/Surg floor, I have done nothing but dream of working L&D. I even did my 200 Preceptor hours on L&D, of course thinking that would get me one step closer to reaching my goal and making sure I liked as much as I thought. The Director of the floor even seemed pretty positive about hiring me, or so I thought. Well, to make a long story short, after putting in my application at this hospital and playing phone tag with the Director, she finally tells me all the positions had been filled, one of them being filled by a classmate of mine...***!!! Needless to say, I was blindsided! Well, during my time of playing phone tag with this Director of OB. I interviewed for a Surgery position at a very well respected Hospital in my area, ya know, just in case. Well, I didn't hear a thing for several weaks, so I thought the position had been filled. Well, I got a call from their HR dept today offering me the job!! It must be fate right? Especially since every door leading me to an OB position was slammed in my face! I am really excited about this, more than I thought I would be. So, any advice from you seasoned OR nurses would be greatly appreciated! I'm excited to be a part of the family!! :loveya::loveya:

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