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  1. NatsFan15

    Online anatomy and physiology courses?

    Have you checked with your local community college? I took both my A&P I and II online through mine and it was relatively painless. Good luck.
  2. I love it and find it great for organizing my information which really helps with studying for exams etc. Once you get used to it it's actually VERY user friendly and easy to format through. The more I play with it the more I'm in love with it. Enjoy :)
  3. NatsFan15

    17 August 2009 - the big day for some of us :)

    Good luck you guys! You're gonna do great :) Remember ... keep that positive mental attitude -- it'll take you very far :)
  4. NatsFan15

    Drams to mL ... how?

    yeah - i thought it was too good to be true in class yesterday. thanks so much for the help. i found another thing on this site searching around after i posted (love this site as a resource) that said 30 monkeys laughed at 1 old zebra 8 dozen roses, 2 turkey, 6 tums 30 ml = 1 oz = 8 dr = 2 t = 6 t thank you so much for the input. i really appreciate it. now i know to really scrutinize shortcuts in math before i try to put them to practice.
  5. NatsFan15

    Drams to mL ... how?

    Can someone help me with how to convert drams to mL? I was in a medmath brush up course yesterday and we discussed this. In class she said that Dram i = 4 mL Dram i = 5 mL ... you choose whether you use 4 or 5 depending on what divides in evenly. At the time with the problems we were given it made sense however when I got home and started working I came across Dram xx = ___ mL .... okay ... both 4 and 5 go into 20 evenly and give different answers (obviously) Is there something I'm missing or does someone else know a more accurate formula for this conversion? I'm not finding it in my text and when I google I'm only coming up with generators (which will give the answer but not show me how it's done) TIA!
  6. NatsFan15

    ideas to learn how to use this device

    http://classes.kumc.edu/general/IVPump/IVSimulation.html The above link will take you to an iv pump simulator I found online. Hope it helps some :)
  7. NatsFan15

    Rolling Backpacks

    I got mine at Target for $35 and it's very durable and spacious. Walmart had some similar ones as well for a comparable price. The key is to go to the computer bag section -- not the backpack/luggage section. There will be a space inside for a laptop but if you opt to not carry one it makes a great section divider for the books. Good luck :)
  8. NatsFan15

    Today's a Big Day

    Okay - so I revisited this thread to remind myself how excited I was at the beginning of the summer semester and I have to say that nursing_student_19 was right ... I'm just as excited at the beginning of this semester as I was back then. To all the new students getting ready to start out I finally have a piece of advice to give. Though I'm still a newbie myself I'm learning the valuable lesson of taking things one step at a time. If you don't, it can seem very overwhelming. What's the old saying? How do you eat an elephant ... one bite at a time. It's so true! So next Thursday I'm hitting the books again and I'm soooo excited.
  9. NatsFan15

    Liability Insurance for Student Nurses

    Same exact situation here. Definitely check into it :)
  10. NatsFan15

    Anyone have ultrascope?

    Thanks for your replies :) I got it for the same reason as most of you ... frustrated trying to hear with my Littman. I can't wait for it to come in the mail so I can eavesdrop on my neighbors phone calls (that was funny!) Thanks y'all
  11. NatsFan15

    Anyone have ultrascope?

    bump ... anyone?
  12. NatsFan15

    Anyone have ultrascope?

    Do you love it? Do you hate it? Yes or no, please tell me why. Thanks so much for your input :typing
  13. I'm glad I stumbled across this post - this looks like a program that would benefit me and I'd never heard of it before now :) Thanks everyone for the information! ... another reason why I love this group :)
  14. NatsFan15

    Random Thoughts: From a Nursing Student

    How is it that every time I turn around I have to shell out more money? .... it'll be worth it in the end but dang - my wallet hurts.
  15. NatsFan15

    Test without any use?

    Now that I think about it -- this poster may be onto something because that's around what we had to pay for our ATI testing materials for the course. Hope you're able to solve your mystery. I'm curious to the large pricetag.
  16. NatsFan15

    College courses while in lpn courses(can it be done)

    Have you taken into account the hours you'll have to dedicate to studying for the LPN course as well as these college courses you're thinking of taking? Not to mention when it comes time for clinicals and your schedule adjusts for them. I would suggest that if you're determined to do both to wait until you've been in the LPN program actively so you get a feel for your time commitment/constraints. Good luck with whichever way you decide.