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  1. Nursing US v. UK

    you cannot get licensure in the UK with a US ADN. That qualification is not recognised in many countries.Do the BSc in nursing instead..
  2. US state that issues license without SSN......

    New York will endorse you.
  3. Who would hire an international nurse?

    I said i am Awaiting licensure for NY and California. Obviously I passed the NCLEX RN with an SSN to be able to do it in the first place. DUH. Thanks for the note on my experience anyway.
  4. Who would hire an international nurse?

    Hey guys, My situation is I am a new US Resident . I have been an RN with 13 yrs of experience in my home land, predominantly in ER. Now that I am awaiting NY and CA licensure, does anyone know of any hospital in particular that would hire me , being...