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iamablonde has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Case management, UM, AL, psych, CD.

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  1. iamablonde

    URGENT! prolapsed uterus or bladder?

    Well..... When I am old and in a home..... I Hope to GOD someone will push mine back in for me so I don't to be hangin out all over the place! hahahahha
  2. iamablonde

    marriage and nursing school

    Nursing school was a HUGE strain on my marriage. It was FAR from perfect before hand, but going to college threatened him somehow. I was bettering myself for my family, but he saw it as threatening ..... like I didn't need him anymore or something..... He SAID he was proud of me but actions speak louder than words. 13 years later, I still have my wonderful nursing career, but that husband has been gone for 9 years! hahahahhaha Happily RE MARRIED now, and would not want to re live those nursing school, 1st marriage days for ANYTHING! :) Goodluck to you! It will all work out the way it is supposed to. :)
  3. iamablonde

    Strange job interview...thoughts on this?

    Maybe she already knows of you and that you are a good nurse and would be perfect for the job and didn't feel the need to ask you anything????? Just a guess! Good luck!
  4. iamablonde

    Should we chart in 24-hour time?

    I have always charted using military time. ALWAYS
  5. iamablonde

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    Right where he BELONGS!
  6. iamablonde


    Where I work, we are completely paperless, and our name is printed automatically at the end of all our documentation....... typed out, Full first and last name with title at the end. Then we also have signitures that have been scanned into the system so that if we send out any letters to providers and patients, our signiture goes out on the letter and they had us sign our full first name and full last name with title, as it reads on our I.D. and Nursing License.
  7. iamablonde

    Frustrated with new job

    The company you work for isn't Assited Living Concepts is it???
  8. iamablonde

    CCM EXAM.................. WOW!

    Hi back! :) I studied very little to be quite honest. I just never found the time and the date snuck up on me! But what I did study were things given to me by other CCM takers from the past....... One large notebook called "A Case Manager's Study Guide, Preparing for Certification" By Jones and Bartlett Publishers I just basically took a bunch of practice tests in the notebook and then also, I studied a "Glossary of Terms" Published by the Commission for Case Manager Certification. Honestly, alot of the things I know I answered correctly came from my experience in the nursing field in a variety of settings. good luck! I hope that helps! :)
  9. iamablonde

    STDs in the elderly...

    yes, I agree with FireStarterRN, AND STD's are alot more common with the elderly population than many people realize. Goodnight Night Shift folks! :)
  10. iamablonde

    Please help I really need advice don't judge please

    8 WEEKS OLD!!!! hahaha I was still BREASTFEEDING! But there was a 2 year wait supposibly... but on some weird FLUKE I got in EARLY...... and so it goes..........!!! I totally agree with you. Now that I have the years of experience...... I have not had the experience of anyone balking at the idea of my having my ADN..... thank god! :) But you should do whatever you can.... either way.... it will ALL work out FINE! :)
  11. iamablonde

    Please help I really need advice don't judge please

    I think getting the most education you CAN is always a GREAT idea..... however..... I have my ADN. I started a 2 year ADN program when my daughter was 8 weeks old! (OMG!) ha ha It was hell, but I made it and The last 3-4 jobs I have gotten have all said BSN preferred or required. I have nailed them all! After 13 years of experience in a WIDE variety of nursing positions, I now work from a home office, doing utilization review for insurance company, making a very good living and still only have my ADN. For me when I started, I needed to get done and get out in the work force. I have thought about going back, but honestly, I don't see that it is worth it to me right now. Kids, sports, etc. Plus I got through school without taking ANY School loans out. Which was GREAT! So, I think it really depends on your individual situation. I want to go back when the kiddos are older and I have a little spare time (& $$$) on my hands, but hard to imagine spending all that money when I won't make much more-- if Any. Goodluck to you with whatever decision you make. :)
  12. iamablonde

    CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    oh my goodness!!! I just took that test today!!! 3 long hours of second guessing my entire nursing history! hahaha I agree with all of you! Very Strange, broad range of topics..... The PASS! I looked that up right when I got home! hahaha Social Security has to sign off and approve that! hahaha (and they usually do if Vocational Therapist fills it out) or something like that..... I agree about not being able to really study for this... I did have questions about medicare and medicaid, but many things that I DID study because other friends told me....... they weren't on my test, and then there were things I hadn't really heard of..... bizarre! Talk about humbling! ha ha I felt like an idiot throughout most of that 3 hours! And I hated that I couldn't take my iced Mocha in there for comfort! hahahaha Goodluck! I wonder how quick we will hear..... two of my girlfriends heard in 6 weeks...... almsot to the day.... so that is probably what I am looking at..... I know I answered Alot correct, but there were many that I too thought there were TWO right answers.... and some of the questions I read and said... "huh?!?!?!" ha ha not a good sign! My goodness!!! Goodluck to you all!
  13. i just took my ccm exam~! wow! very hard to study for that!!! the material you are tested on is such a wide variety! i hope and pray i passed! i took 3 hours! i have worked in many different nursing settings and all of them helped me alot with the test.... here are some things to look up and read about in your studies! :) vocational rehab (i had tons of questions regarding vocational rehab) ada specifics rehab hospitals the differences in snf and ltac specifics regarding axis i, ii, iii, iv, v medicare medicaid ssi and pass assosiated with ssi ssdi erisa women's health and cancer rights protection limits on mental health benefits insurance reimbersement life care plans hipaa (there is alot more to hipaa than i ever realized!) and all the obvious stuff too! :) my brain is fried.... but those are just some things that stick in my mind from my test that might help to cram into your brain if you are taking yours soon! :) erin carlson rn [color=#2f4f4f]spokane valley, washington
  14. iamablonde

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    WOW! I haven't checked this in a while! SOOOO HAPPY about the "bio dad" and his SENTENCE! WOOOO HOOOO! Throw away the KEY I say! So happy for you and your growing FAMILY!!! What a wonderful story!!!! Brightened my day! thank you!
  15. iamablonde

    I cant start IV's!

    Well, Maybe at this point, you have said you "CAN'T" so much that you have psyched yourself out! Once you get more practice you will probably be AWESOME at it!!!!
  16. iamablonde

    Why can't my wife find a job?

    www.monster.com www.careerbuilder.com goodluck! :) Erin