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  1. seesha

    NCLEX tips

    [can u share me your login information in kaplan,pls quote=NJNursing]I took the Kaplan course, then read through their Course book and the Saunder's Comprehensive book going through the chapters I knew I was weak on and doing the cumulative tests at the very end of the book. I also did the questions on the accompanying CD and from the Mosby's CD plus 4 of the 7 qustion trainers from Kaplan (which I'll never use now, but still will have until August if someone wants my log-in info to use it?). The day before the test I went over some general things (electrolytes, endocrine, renal) and left the group at 2. I took a dry run to my testing center and went home and vegged a little bit. I watched a movie and went over my note cards one more time. I took 2 benadryl to FORCE me to sleep (or else I'd sit there and go over info in my head over and over and over again and NEVER get to sleep) and got up early. I got to the center almost 45 minute searly (overestimated rush hour traffic) and went over my cards one more time while listening to morning talk shows and just trying to breathe and relax. I used 1 hour, 75 questions and passed. :-)
  2. seesha

    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    hi ,my exam on aug 31,can u help me how i study, i have saunders,lippincott,kaplan,can u send me nclex 3000 cd,where this get it,thanking u
  3. seesha

    NCLEX tips

    pls tell me how u study these things by test mode or study mode.my exam on aug 31.i have lippincott 8 th ed,saunders,kaplan,mosby.pls help me
  4. seesha

    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    thanks for encouragement
  5. seesha

    remembering meds? anyone?

    wht is carlox & cilia medicines.
  6. seesha

    this morning took lpn

    hi everyone,i am very scared,i took lpn this morning.computer shutdown 130.allmost questions prioritytype.same like rn.why this -- lpn question format changed.i dont know i am very scared.anybody have these experience.