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I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in physical anthropology and my ADN as well. I am married to a beautiful, funny woman who is also a nursing student. We have a toy poodle, one ancient cat, two birds and plenty of fish.

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  1. jrsimon82

    CNA duties

    Okay I understand that as a CNA I will be drawing blood here in Michigan, can I take some kind of test to then become a certified "phlebotomist" sorry SP. Is there even a test for that? What about infants? Are nurses the only ones who draw on them or will all clinicals let you try on babies and children? I would rather not do that on a baby until I am somewhat good at poking adults. Any Advice?
  2. jrsimon82

    Calling All CNA's!

    I plan to get my masters in one of the two areas and do research at a university. I would also like an adjunct faculty role later. I would enjoy teaching nursing students at the community college level, or nurse aides.I have a heart condition so I don't anticipate working in the hospital environment for more than 10 or 15 years. But I do enjoy a challenge, so for now I will work there! I have many passions and I want to be well educated. I plan on homeschooling our future children and I want to have something to offer them besides nursing. I'm an only child who has always been introverted, I do see it as a pitfall because I would rather read a book than talk on the phone. My family and friends always complain I don't call often!I just hope I can warm up to the patients easily after awhile.
  3. jrsimon82

    CNA salary

    "Pimento Cheese?" Do tell!
  4. jrsimon82

    CNA salary

    In West Michigan hospital CNAs start at $10(no experience) and go up to $15(Tech jobs) the tech jobs require only 1 year of experience and thats a pretty good wage for a college student my rent is $515 per month(1BED) and that includes heat. Most of the area apartments are the same. LTC starts at $12 and doesn't really increase much.
  5. jrsimon82

    how many patients do you have

  6. jrsimon82

    Calling All CNA's!

    YEA!! A CNA FORUM!!! I'm a first year double major(RN and Anthropology) and I will finish my CNA program in about a month. I can't wait to get some hands on experience with patients, but I am scared. I'm a little shy so I hope I can conquer my introverted fears soon. I'm really burned out at my current job($12/hr to boss 50 people around and break my back) so I look forward to the change.I hear hospitals have smaller patient loads, like how many patients per CNA? Also, if there are any nurse aides in L&D, what do you DO! I would love to work in the mother baby unit, the hospitals here in Grand Rapids, Michigan are pretty big and the units are huge and always hiring.
  7. jrsimon82

    coping with failing the NCLEX

    I'm so sorry! you must be in a lot of pain right now. I would use this opporitunity to take step back and refocus. Would it be possible for you to take a part-time job and go to school for a semester or two until you can retake the exam? Can you work as an lpn or CNA? what about working as a home health aide? If it's your dream, don't give up, just keep your chin up and use this time to gain more experience and knowledge. Try to be optimistic and learn from this,keep studying, good luck
  8. jrsimon82

    GLBT Nurses

    I am open everywhere I go, I have several stickers on my car, as well as a "dyke" haircut, but there are a lot of conservatives in the town I live in and my wedding ring (very pretty) draws quite a few comments. I usually just correct someone when they say husband and keep talking. I am honest with anyone who asks, but I don't believe that sharing personal information with a patient is a good idea, unless you feel that they would not make a big deal about it. The divorce rate that someone pointed out is less than 50% and is more like 40%. I personally do not want to replicate a heterosexual marriage, but I want my wife to easily get my healthcare coverage, and I really want our kids to be adopted by both of us and that is not allowed in Michigan. Theres roughly 1100 rights you lose being married to someone to the same-sex and that affects nearly every aspect of life. I agree with the idea of government butting out of gay marriage whole-heartedly. Back to the subject, I would like to work in OB/Post partum and If the lady giving birth was someone with a closed mind and knew I was gay, I could see that getting ugly. So basically keeping it to yourself,and sharing just with co-workers you have known awhile is probably safest.
  9. jrsimon82

    Need Help- Downstate Or Pace?????

    Personally I would choose Pace- at suny you would miss 3 summer months with son, but if Pace is shorter you would be able to see him more often, get it? You hate the train, it may be the same distance but you will have 40 extra minutes each day to STUDY Pace costs more, which in the end you can negotiate as part of your job offers- tuition reimbursement instead of a bonus or something Child care is often available through the colleges, or look at the hallway posts, there is always a future teacher or other mother looking to make some more dough to finance their education and gain experience with little ones. Food for thought, good luck, be happy
  10. jrsimon82

    Where R all the free CNA training ads in FTW?

    I can't speak on your community, but most nursing homes offer CNA training, have you contacted your states licensing bureau about where CNA's can get certified in your state? in michigan its Maybe yours is the same, click on the employment link or whatever career options are available. Your best bet is to call the nursing homes, ask to talk to the Nurse manager or go in person. Good Luck, Jackie
  11. jrsimon82

    Forensic Nursing - Is it for You?

    Maybe Kaplan, preferrably an online program
  12. jrsimon82

    Forensic Nursing - Is it for You?

    Yes I will be taking forensics courses too, Law Breakers are bad and I want to help get those icky criminals!
  13. I am interested in pursuing a BA in Anthro, with a minor in biomedical science while on the LONG wait for my local nursing program (ADN only). I was wondering if this degree is something any of you have, I find both subjects vastly exciting. I would ultimately like to do something with forensics or research, maybe for the gov., while stil utilizing my ADN in someway. Eventually, I would like to obtain my masters, but I don't know in what yet.
  14. jrsimon82

    How to find research nurse jobs

    go to the centers for disease control website(national) then type in the agencies you'd enjoy working for( dept of fish wildlife disease, teen pregnancy survey, fda products, pharmaceuticals etc.). go to the state of ca. home page and look up civil service exams. you will find dozens of research jobs if you look hard enough- pay is less though, sometimes a lot compared to staff nursing. good luck jackie
  15. jrsimon82

    Forensic Nursing - Is it for You?

    I am interested in this field, and would like to work in the coroners office. I have heard they often hire "pathology assistants" do they hire RN's? I will be cross trained in biomedical anthropology.Thanks!