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laRN1 has 12 years experience and specializes in med/surg.

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  1. laRN1

    United States university FNP

    Bump...intrigued but not yet convinced. Anyone know anyone who graduated from USU's FNP track?
  2. laRN1

    Aspen University MSN

    Same here, considering Aspen for the MSN Administration for possible start Fall 2017 or Spring 2018. Would love to hear updates. Good luck on the upcoming start of the program writetotrendyjulie!
  3. Hi all. Live in California. Would love a change and a challenge. I am a BSN graduate with 10 years´ med surg experience. I have also decided to pursue my MSN-NP. Was wondering if anyone can respond regarding the opportunity to be trained in a different specialty, such as critical care? Are SC hospitals willing to do this? Also, what is the job outlook for a family NP? Of course, I know I will be taking a pay cut, however, I'm interested to hear about the cost of living from your standpoint. Thank you!
  4. laRN1

    Would you give Lantus without BG check?

    I always check BG before giving any kind of insulin. Yes, it is a number but if I chart it and then the patient bottoms out, I know I have that number to back me up. And yes, I would take into account the patient's history especially the last 5 blood sugars and whether they're eating/throwing up/NPO, etc. I just think like a PP wrote, that if I do get a low number, the physician may consider cutting the lantus dose.
  5. Hi Purpledrop! I'm all set to start the program on June 1st. In looking back at the admissions process, this was quite simple. The trouble was with the transcripts because I didn't expect to send in each one including college courses I took while in high school. I had a good relationship with the enrollment advisor. Her name is Emily Garoffolo (I forget if its two r's or two f's). She's concise and don't look for more info like the one found here. She's to the point and may give only some clarification. She will refer you to the website. You will most likely have to take English literature, introductory chemistry, and general nutrition. You take those classes at WGU. For an explanation of the domains and subdomains, print the RN-BSN Course of Study. It's a 14-page PDF file. You'll find lots of info. I would attach a link but by computer is acting up this morning. For now that's all I can answer. Good luck!
  6. laRN1

    Curious about RN to FNP transition

    I wanna know too...BUMP
  7. Hello. Would like career information as to how does one become a nurse epidemiologist? What is the job outlook for this? Was also thinking about becoming an NP in an infertility clinic? Would my degree be women's health or could it be family NP? What is the job outlook for that? Is there any advanced practice degree I should totally avoid if trying to find a job in Southern California? Thanks, laRN1
  8. Hi all, I am merely doing my research re advance practice nursing before I sign up for a program. I'm interested in doing something with epidemiology (nurse epidemiologist) or perhaps an NP in an infertility clinic. I think these would make me happy but what wouldn't make me happy is to do all that schooling and find it hard to get a job and have limited mobility in case I absolutely dislike my first job. If you live, work, plan to work in Southern CA, would you please share if you had a difficult/easy time finding a job and what degree you possess? If it was easy, what do you think gave you the edge over other candidates? I've been trying to look up the internet for job trends but have had no luck. Thanks, laRN1
  9. Hi Everyone. I'm posing my situation here because I don't really know how to handle it. I'm newly pregnant and this will be our first child. I'm in my mid-30s and it was very difficult to finally get pregnant. There was a long wait, a lot of money, time and heartache involved. I work at a busy teaching hospital in a med/surg unit. As you all know, we encounter MRSA, c. diff., TB, VRE, acetinobacter and so many other infections to list. I worked two days in a row earlier this week and I just about died of the fatigue. I only had 3 patients! Yes, one was a direct admit and I discharged two, but usually this is a breeze for me. My legs felt like they were going to fall off the rest of my body. I realized this unit is too hard on a pregnant body because I felt that way after 1st day and it only got worst the following shift. I went to my first check up with my ob/gyn and she asked about my occupation and I described the above and she recommended that I ask for a transfer that should be in effect throughout the rest of my pregnancy. She suggested a post-partum unit. OOOKKKK.. So now I don't know how to approach this. I'm part of a union and so my first instinct is to contact them to know how to approach the boss. I've never dealt with the union before except to vote/reject on contracts, etc. Has anyone been through this? Should I ask for a transfer? I don't know of anyone that has transferred out of their unit because they are pregnant. I'm the only pregnant nurse on the floor that I know of. What should I do? Should I have a sit down with my director who I haven't talked to about being pregnant? Should I talk to the administrative nurses right under her that already know I'm pregnant (I told them so they could allow me to miss a few days of work for testing, etc.)? Should I just deal with the union? Or, should I just look for another job? Thank you.:uhoh21:
  10. laRN1

    Need help choosing specialty

    Hi, I'm a relatively new nurse (1.5 years experience). Over the next few months, I have to make a decision what university to attend. I am going for my bachelor's and then would like to continue to master's level. I am having trouble deciding on a specialty. First, although I enjoy direct patient contact, I am not thrilled with bedside nursing. I would like help choosing myy specialty. My ideal job would offer the following: 1) no nights, weekends, holidays required, but optional 2) 8-12 hour work days 3) good benefits 4) fast pace 5) managerial duties 6) using at least some nursing skills 7) pays enough to pay for a 3-bedroom house in a safe neighborhood, a non-luxury car/SUV, my 3 children's college, 2-week annual vacation 8) small to medium size company, any type, i.e. corporate, hospital, government 9) mostly autonomous 10) mostly dealing with people 7years - seniors 11) opportunity to learn, teach, interact with staff What should be my specialty and where can I work? Does anyone have a job that covers most, if not all, of the above described? I would like to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  11. laRN1

    chest tube question-please help

    Thanks Daytonite. I'll look at the magazine. Chest tubes are a subject that can be very intimidating to me.
  12. laRN1

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    Hi. My name is Susan and I've been a nurse since July 2005. As you know, I'm still learning. I work in Los Angeles on a Telemetry floor. I love being a nurse but hate my place of work. I will gather some more experience and will move on. I am currently just working 3 days per week. I plan to start school this fall so that I can be eligible for the bsn program at my hospital. I hope everybody else is having a better time dealing with coworkers and politics at their place of work.
  13. laRN1

    chest tube question-please help

    Hi there. I'm a relatively new grad nurse and I have a question. When changing the Pleurovac system, do we disconnect and connect the new tubing at any time or do we do it with inspiration/expiration? Thanks!