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M/s tele now want ICU position


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Hi. I've seen some posts about transitioning into the ICU. Here's my scenario. Over the next 2 years, I would like to first leave m/s tele (9 years experience) and then start an online fnp program (have my BSN). I have two kids. I have applied to the MICU at my hospital but have not been chosen. Asked reasons and was never given any.

First, how can I make myself more marketable to the MICU director and secure a job? Second, how long after I start would you advise me to begin school?


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May I ask why you want to leave Med/Surg tele? Which is more important to you, gaining the ICU experience or starting your fnp program? Do you need ICU for thw program you are looking at?

The cost to train an ICU nurse, even one with med/surg tele experience such as yourself, is in the tens of thousands of dollars range. If they hear you are only interested in a few years amd then will leave they might not be willing to pay the upfront cost.

Personally, my goals are somewhat like yours. I have a year in ICU as of next week. I want to start studying for my CCRN this fall and then my PCCN next year (I'm float pool and do both). Then another 5 years down the road want to start a part time fnp program, but hey, nothing is ever set in stone, right?


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At this point, they are equally important. I would likely stay in ICU about 3 years but not all of them in the same hospital...I know. I'm planning to move to Texas and I would like to have marketable skills while I'm finishing up my fnp program.

What do you suggest?


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When will you be moving? What format is the fnp program? Full time? Part time?

Honestly, jumping to ICU is a very different ball game from m/s tele. New meds, therapies, frequent changes in just a few hours, frequent labs to ve on top of. I've heard it takes 2 years to feel confident in the ICU. I do quite a bit of studying for work outside of work.

If you're serious about both, you need to think if you can make the transition from acute to critical care along side taking on the fnp. Personally, I'm waiting at least 5 years so I can feel very comfortable at work before I start my fnp program.


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I'm not 100% sure when I will move but I think it will be fall 2015. The fnp will be mostly online with 1-2 visits to campus (max) or if I get into the school I want (twice during the entire program). I plan to start on a part-time basis and we'll go from there.

I believe I understand what you are thinking. I definitely would not like to study for work and school on top of my normal mom/wife/pet owner obligations. Thank you for providing a prospective I hadn't even thought about. Good luck with your endeavors!


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I would recommend taking extra certifications.. they will sway more towards considering you if you have your NIHSS Certification along with your ACLS or Pals. When I went for my interview for the IMCU I also told them that I want to grow with the hospital and become a preceptor once I become comfortable and gain a little bit more experience on the unit; normally management envy's that.

I myself had 1yr of telemetry experience. You have 9 which is great!! Normally ICU's hire Tele nurses without ICU experience just because it is a step up from med/surg. Good luck!

I'm not sure I get it... if you want to be an FNP then why are you wanting to get into the ICU?

FNP and ICU are about as far apart as two fields can be.

If the MICU team had any clue about your plans to job hop to Texas and/or become an FNP, that might have sunk you right there.

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Are you hoping to become an ICU NP? Wait no, you said FNP right? Anywho, if you did decide somewhere to become an ICU NP I wouldn't recommend even thinking about school until you have at least 5 yrs in an ICU. If you want to be an FNP, I would think that school should take priority over an ICU position--especially a temporary one, given your plans to relocate.

In general, it's a bad idea to disclose any plans to leave for school or to relocate, when asked "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Given the cost to train a new hire, you could be shooting yourself in the foot by discussing an impending exit.