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    Medsurg to ED

    Hi! Need some advise. Ive been a medsurg RN for 12years now. And I want some fresh start we’re moving to california from florida because of my hubby’s work, so I plan to apply for a job in ca. My question is how do I transition from med surg Rn to ED RN? I would like to be an emergency nurse but all I see in job searches requires experience. Any insights? thank you!
  2. fhyre19

    Medsurg to ED

    Thank you I appreciate your answer! Will submit my applications as an er nurse and lets see how it goes! Thanks again!
  3. what does it mean? http://vtprofessionals.org/opr1/nurses/international_forms/NU_International_NCLEX_PASS_Endorsement_CES.pdf To complete your Vermont application you must: If it has been two (2) years or more since you last took the NCLEX-RN you will also need to complete and NCLEX review course and submit the Certificate of Completion and Final Overall Scores to our office for review. I passed my NCLEX Ca last June 2007 I have it renewed last year even before they announced that renewing will no longer alllowed. Im confused. pls help.. I have to endorse my license to vermont or else all will just be wasted.. thanks!