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  1. Hi Nurse Beth! I Need some advice. Ive been a medsurg RN for 12years now. And I want some fresh start we’re moving to california from florida because of my hubby’s work, so I plan to apply for a job in ca. My question is how do I transition from med surg Rn to ED RN? I would like to be an emergency nurse but all I see in job searches requires experience. Any insights?

    thank you!


    1. Hoosier_RN

      Hoosier_RN, MSN

      If you don’t have a license already, get started on that as CA is notorious for not being speedy on issuing licenses. Once in hand, apply, apply, apply! Depending on where you’re moving to, some markets are flooded, even for experienced nurses! Good luck, I hope it all works out for you!

  2. what does it mean? http://vtprofessionals.org/opr1/nurses/international_forms/NU_International_NCLEX_PASS_Endorsement_CES.pdf To complete your Vermont application you must: If it has been two (2) years or more since you last took the NCLEX-RN you will also need to complete and NCLEX review course and submit the Certificate of Completion and Final Overall Scores to our office for review. I passed my NCLEX Ca last June 2007 I have it renewed last year even before they announced that renewing will no longer alllowed. Im confused. pls help.. I have to endorse my license to vermont or else all will just be wasted.. thanks!
  3. fhyre19


    i hope the hospital would really increase their hiring because some of the hospitals are obliging the nurses to have a 16-hour-duty because there's no one to endorse with. despite of the thousands of nurses who have no jobs how come some still work on this basis.. such irony..
  4. fhyre19

    "freeze hiring?!"

    can you recommend some hospital on where i can apply directly? thanks. im based in California. thanks a lot.:spin:
  5. fhyre19

    "freeze hiring?!"

    hi ive been applying to hospitals but still no response. i heard they are on "Freeze hiring". what does it mean? how can we able to have job experiences if this hospitals are not available to provide it for us. and taking in to consideration that VOlunteer training is not counted as experience.
  6. fhyre19

    Training as Experience

    thanks for the enlightenment. but how can we have job experiences if the hospitals here are not hiring. i tried to apply in a lot of hospital 2 mos ago but still no reply. i heard almost all the hospitals are on "freeze hiring"..
  7. i inquired at the kennedy when i was looking for a review center for our NCLEX. sorry to say this but the one who talked to us was kinda rude. She asked if we already started answering practice questions or at least reviewing. I mean thats why we're inquiring is because we want to review and practice but then she told us that WE WILL NOT PASS THE NCLEX because were already late. she said she cannot accept us because we will not make it anyway.:angryfire (they already started the session by the way and told us that she will have a hard time to make us catch up on the lesson) how could she say those things she didn't even know our capabilities. to cut the story short, we did not enroll in her class. i enrolled in URC. anyway I PASSED THE NCLEX. well that proves her wrong.:balloons:
  8. fhyre19

    June 2007 NLE result

    our certificates will be claimed at DOLE office at Intramuros manila. we just have to bring our PRC licence. check your schedule @ dole.gov.ph on when will you get your certificate.
  9. fhyre19

    how to get ssn no.

    i just passed the nclex which i took last june 14.:balloons: i have a question how can i get the ssn no.? procedure? thanks for ur help.
  10. fhyre19

    wrong input at pearsonvue reg..

    the registration for her att. the confirmation she received has a wrong phone no.
  11. fhyre19

    wrong input at pearsonvue reg..

    hi everyone. is it necessary to call the calif board of nursing if my phone no. appears to be wrong at the confirmation they sent after registration? thanks. (dis is my friends prob and i dont know what to say to her regarding the phone call to the bon)
  12. fhyre19

    immediate help

    hi. got a few question to ask about scheduling the exam. wat no. do i have to call to schedule an appointment in hongkong? can my friends and i have the same sked? and can 1 person schedule the exam for the rest of us? tnx. hope u reply cause the slot are about to get full on our target date. thanks a lot.:)