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I am a 32 year old and mother of 4 living in Killeen Tx. Currently I go to CTC in Texas and I am looking to switch my degree plan to an Lvn

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  1. vagirl76

    LVN or RN?

    Ive been an lpn for 7 months. If I could rewind,I would've went straight for RN
  2. Just sent it Prema:cool:
  3. I found it by doing alot of researching. Ill email it to you lovelyeve:cool:
  4. Can you email it to me as well? Im taking mine May 17th. Im so nervous. My program was 18 months and Ive forgotten alot of things. Good luck Alexis!!!
  5. Thanks newb and ejm. I took it today and I passed!!!!! This is such a relief So now I can start Medsurge 1 :w00t:
  6. I havent posted in awhile because school has kept me super busy. But Im in an 18 month program, which started last sept. I made it through pharmacology,which was really rough,and I passed the skills test as far as giving medicines. But now I have to take a math competency test this coming Thursday. Ive been on break for 3 weeks so Ive been practicing like crazy,but its literally to the point where Im so nervous that its hard to sleep. If we fail the first one, we get 2 retakes, and of course if you fail them all you are out. Im pretty good at medical math but I had to refresh myself as far as percentages and fractions. There will be 10 questions and you can miss one. Any tips on how to relax when you are awaiting a test?
  7. Thanks so much for your feedback. My first day of Pharm was today and the teacher seems very eager to teach. I will definetely take advantage of any labs and anything else that will help. Clinicals was changed to this Tuesday,so I'm goin to go in there with confidence and do my best.
  8. vagirl76

    Have you ever been paralyzed by fear?

    Omg Yes Yes Yes! I was so scared I lost my appetite when it was almost time to start, I was always on this site trying to read any and everything about Lpn School, and I still question how well Ill do when I get to the second half. But I started in Sept of this year and so far my lowest grade has been an 86. Most grades were in the 90's. You can do it! Just study and you will be fine.
  9. vagirl76

    Please sign this Petition

    I figured its a start. Maybe someone will notice. Please sign and pass this along to as many people as possible. http://wh.gov/TzC
  10. vagirl76

    How to take Lpn's classes in High School?

    I have highschoolers in my class right now. I live in Virginia and some schools like mine do offer it, but only during the senior year. My program is 18 months. So for the first nine months, adults go for 3 hours a day as well as the seniors. They do their regular classes in the day and the Lpn class in the evenings for the first nine months. The second nine months they are now graduated, and we all go to school all day for the last 9 months. Also it is free for the seniors here and they didnt have to take the Teas test. Hope this helps
  11. vagirl76

    I'm in! Woo-hoo!

    Congrats, so excited for you
  12. vagirl76

    JOB W/ shoplifting MISDEMEANOR and nursing

    I'm in the same boat. I have a petit theft charge from 12 years ago. Was young and dumb and let a friend "hook me up". She got caught and we both were charged, and that has haunted me for the rest of my life. Im into my second month of Nursing School now and all I can think about is "will I be able to actually attend clinicals?", " will I be able to get a license?", " will a company actually hire me and will I be discriminated against?" I'm in Virginia so I cant get it expunged, and I feel like once a certain period of time has gone by, it shouldnt count against me anymore. I pray that this changes in the future.
  13. vagirl76

    lpn programs in virginia

    I dont have the exact price on me right now, but its under 5000. There are no Pre-reqs, and you have to take the Teas V test which was about 3 hours long.
  14. vagirl76

    So VERY Excited!!!

    Congrats!!! I start Lpn school this fall also. I am so excited;good luck!!
  15. vagirl76

    St.Mary's Hospital School of Pratical Nursing

    Did you ever apply?
  16. vagirl76

    Scared to death of clinicals

    Thanks :0