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Linda Yuhas has 38 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg, Hospice, Case Management, Insurance.

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  1. Life Care Skills 101 - How to Survive a Medical Catastrophe "Linda" my husband screamed my name. Startled, I was busy studying for the case management certification exam while our newborn twins were napping. On this beautiful September day, my hu...
  2. Linda Yuhas

    Dad Fell Again

    Thank you for the excellent comments, recommendations and well wishes! I truly appreciate them all.
  3. Linda Yuhas

    Dad Fell Again

    "Your Dad fell again," declared the emergency room physician as I answered the 2 am phone call. The words made me cringe as another fall caused an emergency room visit for my aging father. My robust and energetic father was slowly becoming a frail ol...

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