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Perioperative Nurse. Preop and discharged patients

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Candi Williams has 26 years experience and specializes in Perioperative Nurse. Preop and discharged patients.

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  1. Candi Williams

    Phasing Out ADN?

    Yes most hospitals prefer BSN and some require it. I was just stating why I decided to get mine. If hospitals paid nurses more for a BSN, I'm sure more ADN would go back to college. Although I think nursing us a calling, college is expensive. Money m...
  2. Candi Williams

    Phasing Out ADN?

    BSN and ADN are paid the same in my area also. Personally I think ADN nurses are just as skilled as BSN nurses when it comes to bedside nursing. I've worked with nurses and didn't know whether they had a BSN or ADN unless they told me and I know many...
  3. Candi Williams

    Improving the Nurses' Understanding of Pain Perception

    I sometimes found it challenging caring for patients with pain. Nurses have been trained to respond to objective data such as elevated or low blood pressures, respiratory rates, SpO2 levels, and temperatures. But our response to subjective data seems...
  4. Candi Williams

    Phasing Out ADN?

    I agree, I don't see it coming into fruition either. In my area, ADN programs more than double the number of BSN programs being offered, yielding more ADN nurse graduates for hire than BSN. Also a BSN degree is not a requirement for hire here so som...
  5. Candi Williams

    Phasing Out ADN?

    Should We Hire ADNs? or Phase It Out? The national nursing shortage has caused a crucial call for nurses. Nurses are a core part of the healthcare industry. They are the largest professional sector within the healthcare workforce and are essentia...