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Jennifer Romans BSN RN, Health Writer, Surgical Services, ER, Pediatrics, Community Health

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Jennifer Romans has 21 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Health Writer, Registered Nurse.

Jennifer is an experienced nurse and health content writer committed to providing outstanding work and up to date information. 

Her background is in critical care, surgical services, ER, pediatrics and community health.

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  1. Jennifer Romans

    Oregon Passes Groundbreaking Nurse Staffing Law

    As of June 23, 2023, the Oregon House and Senate have passed a historic bill that establishes strict nurse-to-patient ratios and other protections to ensure safe patient care. The first of its kind in any state, House Bill 2997 outlines specific...
  2. This is an important step in sustainable nursing jobs and career longevity in a healthcare system on the brink of crisis.
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  4. Jennifer Romans

    Alarm Fatigue Allegedly Leads to Woman's Death: Lawsuit Filed

    Alarm fatigue is real and constant! I can see how this can easily happen. Nurses and hospital administration needs to collaborate to help this chronic problem that is a risk to patients.
  5. Jennifer Romans

    Same day Joint Replacement Surgery

    Today is it common for most joint replacement surgery patients to go home the same day after surgery. What have been your experiences with patients going home the same day vs staying overnight in the hospital?
  6. Jennifer Romans

    5 Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea

    Sleep Apnea Defined Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder defined by 10 seconds or longer of apnea. The American Heart Association estimates that 1 in 5 adults suffer from this disorder. Why is it Dangerous? Sleep apnea leads to heart disea...
  7. Jennifer Romans

    How Blogging Helped my Nursing Career

    Your article is inspiring. I have always loved to write and have written many research and technical articles as a staff RN involved in research but my passion is in health blogging. It can be daunting to make time for a new outlet while working bu...
  8. Jennifer Romans

    6 Strategies for Writing Great Articles

    Starting to write articles and blogs can be daunting, thanks for this helpful information to get started!
  9. Jennifer Romans

    10 Top Preceptor Tips

    I really appreciate how you point out to be positive and patient with our nurses in training. I remember being a new grad with a culture of being left to fail and then shamed without the support of a strong and supportive preceptor. Nurses are leav...
  10. Jennifer Romans

    How to Safely Administer an Intramuscular Vaccine in Adults

    I saw many nurses giving vaccines so low in the arm when the vaccine clinics were in affect. Thank you for a refresher article for those who may have not given IM injections in a while.
  11. Jennifer Romans

    The Migraine Threshold: Understand It & Take Control Of Your Life

    Migranes can be debilitating for so many people. It's good to pay attention to your body and cues so you can track what may be triggering headaches. Also so important that you noted the affect that stress can have on our bodies!
  12. Jennifer Romans

    Coffee: Friend or Foe?

    I find my morning cup of coffee meditative and part of my daily ritual. As much as I love it, I do think more coffee throughout the day definitely affects my sleep at night. But on those busy work shifts when you feel tired, its soooo tempting!!
  13. I have definitely felt the stress and workload as a nurse increase in the past few years and without more staff coming, I am afraid of a mass exit of many more nursing staff.
  14. Having recently traveled abroad, I agree that this list is a must. It can be difficult to locate and purchase little first aid items in another country and being prepared really makes the trip go smoothly with kids and family.

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