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  1. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    Hi! Did you get an email from HR yesterday? I got one last night saying we would find out sometime next week.
  2. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    Thank you!! Good luck to you!! 🙂
  3. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    Oh interesting. I did my senior internship in a NICU back in Boston. But that’s it. Hbu?
  4. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    My top 3 were NICU, L&D and mother baby. Not sure if they are hiring those floors besides NICU. Hbu? My interview is tomorrow! Did they say how many people they’re taking for each unit? I’m confused 😕
  5. Hi! I was wondering if anybody applied to Tri-city medical center new grad program for Winter 2023. It begins mid February and registration was about last month.
  6. Tri-City New Grad Feb 2023

    Hi!! I did. have u heard anything ?