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Freelance Health Care Writer|End-of-Life Educator

Delta Waters RN, freelance health care writer, is an End-of-Life/geriatric educator and holistic healing champion

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NurseDeltaInk has 19 years experience as a RN and specializes in Freelance Health Care Writer|End-of-Life Educator.

Delta Waters RN spent her 20-year career focusing on geriatric and hospice specialties. In addition to years in hospice home care and in-patient hospice, she worked in the hospital system on the Oncology and Acute Cardiac floors as well as in home health, long-term care and LTC rehab. She even had the honor of serving as the Health and Wellness Director at a private-pay Assisted Living/Memory Care facility in Northern Colorado. Now, she is pivoting her talents toward educating and sharing her experiences in nursing through freelance health care writing at 

Nurse Delta has a B.A. in Creative Writing/English as well, positioning herself perfectly at the intersection of nursing knowledge and the articulatey written word. Delivering a synthesis of the complex world of modern health care along with an accessible writing style is the outcome.

Nurse Delta also offers on-line advance directive creation courses at In addition, she is a Reiki practitioner and holistic health champion. Delta lives in the beautiful Four Corners region of New Mexico with her partner and wire-haired Border Terrier, JoJo.

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  1. NurseDeltaInk

    Pushing Back on a "Pill for every Ill"

    Here's a pill. And here's a pill to counteract the side effects of the first one...and so on....when I handed an elder a 30cc cup filled to the top of mostly pharmaceuticals, I choked along with them as they attempted to swallow them, day after day. ...
  2. NurseDeltaInk

    Improving Your End-of-Life Literacy

    yes, I feel powerless when I see this happen. It's their last human experience and, for some, it seems to be an immense struggle. I have my own ideas about why this happens for some. I saw it a lot with men especially. Like your quote says...sometime...
  3. NurseDeltaInk

    New Grad Nurse: What I Didn't See Coming

    Oh, how I remember those days! Everyone who is NOT a nurse always seems to envy our schedules. But it can be super hard to work 2, off 1, work 1, off 3...etc. It leaves the body confused and our minds and spirit reeling! This is one reason I job-hopp...
  4. NurseDeltaInk

    Improving Your End-of-Life Literacy

    I love that my use of words touched your heart. What I left out of the article were all the experiences I can't quantify. It's often a very spiritual experience being in the room with the dying. I can feel the gates opening so they might step through...
  5. NurseDeltaInk

    The Dawn of the Death Doula

    Thank you for the read and comment. Let me take a moment to address your inquiry as I did just drop that in my article without explanation. First, the medical specialties of birthing and dying both require the skillful application of pain manage...
  6. NurseDeltaInk

    The Dawn of the Death Doula

    yes! It seems hospices are having one of two responses: 1. Great! patients/families can use all the help we can collectively provide them. 2. Nope! You are in OUR territory. Getting the word out for hospice providers is paramount righ...
  7. NurseDeltaInk

    The Dawn of the Death Doula

    Backstory When the Western counter-culture of the 1960s sought to radically protest dominant societal paradigms on so many fronts, the over-medicalization of the birthing process was included. Home births attended by “direct-entry” or “lay” midwi...
  8. NurseDeltaInk

    Improving Your End-of-Life Literacy

    Remember when you first started nursing school and didn’t know what med/surg or gtts meant? I sure do, but soon nursing language became second nature. Now I can’t even jot a quick sticky note to my partner without automatically writing, “see you p th...
  9. NurseDeltaInk

    Is This Common in LTC?

    What this nurse is saying is the sliding scale you gave us is 100-200, 200-300. If the BG is 200, do you give the lower insulin dose or the higher dose? She is correctly saying the order MUST be clarified with the PCP to clarify the scale. It is corr...
  10. NurseDeltaInk

    What is this “high flow oxygen at home”?

    Each hospice patient/family is unique. Each care plan and end of life wishes are unique and can change hourly. Excellent communication with all involved is paramount. Your comments make hospice nursing seem black and white. It never is. I initia...
  11. NurseDeltaInk

    What is this “high flow oxygen at home”?

    Great info above but my question is why is a hospice patient on such a high liter flow? Are they an early hospice admission and are still interacting with their support persons/upright/eating/toileting themselves, etc? Or are they nearing the end of ...
  12. NurseDeltaInk

    Improving Nursing Care for the Transgender Community

    I like that perspective! Keep up the great writing!
  13. NurseDeltaInk

    Improving Nursing Care for the Transgender Community

    Thank you for this informative article! As an older nurse, I’ve worked really hard to adjust my vocabulary in order to become more inclusive. Asking for their identified pronouns is but one of the ways I’ve pivoted so I can make folx more at ease whe...
  14. Along the way, I’ve met many nursing students and new grads who have a “hospice heart.” They share their stories of witnessing a loved one die at home, having relevant experiences during this event and now feel that hospice is their calling as a nurs...
  15. NurseDeltaInk

    Is 10,000 Steps the Right Amount?

    Great info, Leanna! The ten thousand steps myth was so quickly dispensed as truth we didn’t even question it…until now! Keep up the good writing work!