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  1. SFSU BSN Spring 2023

    I have two close friends who did the post-bacc accelerated program through SMU and they both had great experiences. One when through the ELM program for NP and the other went just the RN route. I honestly don't know much about the quality of t...
  2. SFSU BSN Spring 2023

    I talked with the SFSU nursing office this week and they said that decisions would be delivered via email mid-November / early December, so planning on the status changing around then! Let's hope we have something really great to be thankful for on T...
  3. SFSU BSN Spring 2023

    Hi there! I applied for the SF State BSN Spring 2023 program and I couldn't find a forum so I thought I'd get it started here. Does anyone know when decisions are released or if there will be interviews this round? I've heard varying reports on...