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  1. Can I file a complaint against a facility

    It's called charting by exemption. Most SNF's are focusing on the skilled patients for charting and vitals. Outside of this when I give report I don't add extra fluff. If a patient has a coc I call write an SBAR and report. Never give report about so...
  2. Most nurses and doctors have sociopathic personalities/ narcissism according to studies...but not more than the general public. you'll fit in. Keep patients safe. Be respectful. "Nursing professionals exhibited a significantly higher level ...
  3. Hospice care

    Recently more hospice patients have been admitted to the unit. A few nurses have pointed out improper training for care. The director wants morphine 0.25 ml/5mg q 4 hours scheduled for some and PRN for others. The seasoned nurses are requesting 0.25 ...
  4. DNR

    Thanks for teaching :) hopefully another student will find this useful as well and not assume crackles are from the eldery being mostly bed bound :) This feedback defintitely helped me think deeper about the patient.
  5. DNR

    Haha yeah urosepsis which isn’t funny😩 but hard to prevent in elderly Made my noodle think 🧐
  6. Charting Medications

    Thanks this is just how I noticed they are charting in the long term care facilities
  7. DNR

    Hah LTC is the wild Wild West. It happens.
  8. Charting Medications

    Agree I guess it’s different in LTC
  9. UTI Coughing

    I think you answered the question. It was probably critical thinking.
  10. That makes more sense.
  11. It seems like that is the state they are using as the home state though.
  12. DNR

    Good to know for future. Never had this happen before.
  13. UTI Coughing

    Nursing question that came up, select all that apply: If a patient is coughing/wheezing and has a UTI it’s treated with: A) albuterol B) mucinex C) raising the head of bed D) warm tea E) none of the above not indicated ...
  14. Colorado is the party state and PA is the home state. You can be sanctioned in either but for the compact the home state gets to hand down the punishment and the party state reports. It’s written in the law for Texas as well.
  15. DNR

    But also the family should just ask for orders to not hospitalize. In this situation it seems something fishy was going on.