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  1. This is as of 2016 when I did it: Contact PNAP and ask them specifically what they want you to do, where they want you to go, how they want it written, what papers need filled out, who they want them filled out by, etc. it is very very very very impo...
  2. PNAP no legal charges

    I agree, it is absolutely a punishment. A punishment that does not fit the crime. A punishment that far exceeds anything that a nurse deserves. Doctors are not put through such a rigorous program and they are given way more leniency than nurses are. ...
  3. PNAP

    PNAP is a horrible punitive program where they act like you are worth less than nothing. There is no “good side” of PNAP. I was treated horribly despite being 100% clean and in compliance the entire time I was in the program. The PNAP doctor almost k...
  4. PNAP no legal charges

    I was in the same position as you, however someone ended up reporting me to the board and I ended up being required to complete the program, which in the end I never did, read further for the disaster train wreck that caused (I didn’t start using aga...